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why no kids in gym? i cannot get my significant other to join the gym in part because

Tony Nicholson member since Jan'10

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Vicki, that’s awesome! I had my boys doing regulation pull ups at the park yesterday evening & I’m so flippin proud, among many other things, that my 5 & 7 year old boys can do 8 pull ups in a row. I received a couple funny looks, but I just smiled at the other parents & went back to encouraging their desire to do more.

Thanks for sharing Vicki.


posted : 7/12/2011 at 9:44 AM

Jonny Quest member since May'11

5.2k rep

You mentioned your babysitter, but you have no one to watch the boy? You also mentioned that he doesn't have many friends because he is homeschooled and sees a group of friends every other week. Do you think that is fair? If he had friends, those friends would have parents that I'm sure would be willing to work with you and your partner. Of course some type of action will be necessary to change that.

Homeschooling is not the particular issue, however it does seem to be alienating your son from what some would consider "typical" youth behavior; that being regularly active and socializing with kids his age. One of my idols, Tim Tebow, was homeschooled, however he and his 5 siblings lived on a farm. They were all extremely active and had each other to play with, in addition to their daily chores which were physically challenging. I can say with confidence that if Tebow hadn't been extremely active as a young kid, he would not have become a national sensation in his field of football. After joining youth sports at local schools, as one member suggested to you, he did attend public high school from which he graduated. Tebow did not start his career in high school, it began when he was 5 years old. When he was 11, he was stronger than his father and learned to compete with his brothers and friends. Had he watched TV and video games growing up, no one would know his name.

I would not let my son play video games and watch TV as much as it appears yours does and you admit that's most of what his day consists of. There are life and social skills TV can't teach him and he won't be prepared if he isn't exposed to them. If he's more "grown up like" than you "in many ways", I suggest you have some growing up to do. The TV will not make him strong and his body is growing and changing; hopefully he won't whither away before he gets a chance to use it. You owe it to him to find a way to integrate him into society and regular activities. I'm much more concerned about him, rather than what your partner wants to do about the gym.

posted : 7/12/2011 at 2:20 PM

Vicki Bowland member since Jun'10

53k rep

I excerpted this paragraph from the entry under the Weight Control support group, entitled "the secret to losing weight". With some apologies to the author (making the language a little more PG-13 and on point...)

"Stop telling me you don’t have the time and energy or the stamina [ed. note Or the opportunity to take your child to an AF gym] to exercise. You are making excuses. I made them too for so long and at 270 pounds I had to stop telling myself I can’t and start telling myself “do whatever you [bleeping] can and move”. Don't tell me you wish you could go to the gym or afford a trainer[ or take your child with you]. YOU ARE MAKING EXCUSES. Can’t afford to go to the gym? Make weights at home (milk gallon jugs filled with water make a great start). Can’t afford to take a class or go to yoga, rent videos from your local library. Walk everywhere. Park farther away. Find a building with multiple floors and climb the stairs. DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING."

See, it sounds to me like excuses. "I would, but... she would, but... our child would, but..." just do it! There are 1,000 reasons not to, and just as many to quit. And only 1 to hang tough and do it. The most important reason of all-- you.

posted : 7/12/2011 at 2:37 PM

veronicabradley member since Jun'11

878 rep

I joined the gym two months ago but it took me two months to decide. My husband and I are in Mississippi with no family, but need to lose weight was a no brainer for me. Needless to say he now comes with me. Just start and the rest will fall in place. Let him connect with other teenagers and have the couple time at the gym.

posted : 7/12/2011 at 3:05 PM

jacobsporter member since Jan'11

119 rep

I just wish there was a "24 hour option" for those who would like to work out with there kids. Sadly my son is allmost eleven and has never played an organized sport (baseball, football ect). In highschool I was mainly a track, wrestling, cross country guy and seldom if ever watch sports at home (although my significant other is a huge football fan). However, the gym is somthing that I do every day and something that I believe I could convince hime to do. At the very least it would offer my significant other one less excuse for not going (not that she needs any,she pretty much does what she wants without excuses).

posted : 7/12/2011 at 4:04 PM

sueboo87 member since Apr'15

17 rep

I have a 16 year old son will b 17 in November and I was wanting him to come with me but I need to know if he can I would b coming in at round 11 at night each night

posted : 4/29/2015 at 11:56 PM

member since Mar'16


tomorrow never comes. "looking forward, hoping they can not change the trajectory of years, want and desire can not make the dream become a reality. we are not going is no accident." Hovering years wharf, next stop, there will always be waiting for you to come in dim, ink dye fleeting, the memory of those tempting edge of love War and dust are stained with the ink pigment play pen, turned smiling, poured in you my horizon, you are my good.

Love Lane, there are always some not lock, but lingering grief: is concerned about, or memory? Years knife, knife age a man, not just grow old face, as well as memory. Piece long walk long dirt road, covered with weeds, the silence alone; that me to support my village was razed to the ground, planted wheat. The wells of the village, has become old memories. Time, like water infiltration you and me, and every day walking hurriedly. Each time they return, stood next to the old well, watching the winding paths, each leading to the village, as if describing something, but do not know where to start. As the days passed, the old wells have been silent, but I can only tenderly watching the sun, this is no color, all is its color; at night, this is no light and shade, the eye is its eye. Flowers, only to edge. Then, the memory can store how long? Afraid, every passing as Chanafanghua, even the memory of the film will be blurred. Thus, when the warm sun retire her gentle, came under the cloak unannounced, flips the old time, savor those jerky and simple text, whether it is scattered, or finely divided, sad or happy, rich or poor ignorant or play, in the winter midnight, mixing in mind. I can not remember what time it is, anyway, a very young age, you know that well. Adobe houses, muddy road, there is always a lot of people lug buckets to fetch water wellhead. Alternatively, two children carry water. Jingtai round, but five meters depth, but it was always an endless stream of water, supply of several nearby villages to water. That the clear water, the number of people to the sweet aftertaste. Spring, the earth a life. Great people are busy plowing, and our small baby after school, helping grandparents poured vegetable garden. Naughty children, holding a small pot, came to the wellhead side, those bigger children to fetch water from the well, were poured into a small bowl, then Pidianpidian end to the garden, watering the young vegetable shoots. Careless, little feet stepping vegetable seedlings, provoke elderly loud reproach. And we, just in front of hear, and hobbled down the race that went well. This time on the well to carry water a lot of adults. They put those children and teenagers who sent packing, and scold: Whose child, so naughty, fell into the well, how do? Go, brisk walking, or beat you up! Thus, we rush to have scattered, those directed at adults, grimaces. On land, a lot of nameless flowers, the ups and downs, the quietly bloom; the years, countless anchor the boat, in the thousands of miles of lonely travel ...... passion summer, all thriving. Those golden wheat, flaunt mature charm, farmer smiles, hoping bamboo shoots after rain, competing growth. You see, sickle flying, big people's faces, sweat trickle soil, Wheat mixed fragrance of the earth, rippling over the countryside, lingering. And we have these dolls, not to pick up wheat ground wheat, they frolic in the fields, to provoke great people unhappy: dolls, go back and help us carry the drink well water point, okay? So, we have one running back water. At this point the well, is quiet, very sunny, the well boring piece of stone glowing glaucoma. Thus, several children came here, standing on the bluestone, so bigger brother and sister shaking gin, casks gradually shake up, clear and cool well water bottle filled with excess wells are down on our little feet, so comfortable ah! When we play well, back to Medina when the adults yelling all the way: eat lunch, still doing here? We all died of thirst! When the leaves scatter, a barren wilderness, the autumn is at hand, we sat in the village's only one classroom study. From the old man's mouth, knowing that a lot of stories about the wells. In that era behind, no running water, only wells draft, but played a lot of places,

posted : 3/28/2016 at 1:46 AM

chenyan member since May'16

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posted : 5/30/2016 at 2:39 AM

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