tips for those who need to lose 100+lbs?

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Hi S & All the ATF Family!
I'm Teri and I'm currently 395.6 pounds but I started at 483 pounds ~ that is an 88 pound weight loss in a matter of 6 months. My fiance' (Juan, who is 100 pounds down as of yesterday) and I decided last October to start on a "Life Changing Journey" that would save our lives! We were watching The Biggest Loser show on tv and we decided that if we could be on the show that we could lose weight....well, reality is ~ yes, if we could be on the show that we could do it but the odds of us being on the show were slim to none so we decided to look for a gym here in our small town in Washington State. I got online, found ATF & printed us a coupon for a week free trial. Our first couple days were very hard as I couldn't get on the bike, the elliptical or some of the machines because I was just too BIG. I was scared to death too!! My knees would hurt after about 2 minutes on the bike (not to mention my butt...have you seen those seats?) and about 3-5 minutes on the elliptical. I have been home from the gym this morning for about 30 minutes but I had my morning affair with Mr. Elliptical for 55 minutes this morning!
Now, I'm not going to tell you not to get discouraged....I'm not going to tell you that if I can do it then you can do it....I'm not going to tell you it gets easier (some days it does and others just plain suck!) ~ I'm only going to tell you that if you can get yourself to the gym and commit to YOURSELF (not me, your trainer, your friends or anybody else) to do some cardio for 20 minutes 4-5 days a week and eat right then it will change your life! I do 20 minutes (at least) of elliptical (when I get on to do my 20 minutes I have commited to MYSELF to do a day, I usually end up doing more because 99% of the battle is getting there and getting on the machine) and free weights (thanks to my trainer, Lindsey Woodkey) 3 days a week. I have committed to MYSELF and nobody else ~ I'm doing it for myself, my family, my kids and God. But you have to do it for YOU! I just had about a month set-back due to illness and I beat myself up pretty bad but what I learned from it is that people at ATF miss you when you are gone ~ you are more of an inspiration to the "skinny/normal" people than you know ~ and you can get right back on your "Life Changing Journey" if you "slip up"! So, keep at it and please, for your own life, don't give up!
Love and Prayers,
T Wink

posted : 5/21/2010 at 3:33 PM

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Hello ATF Famliy, Well I have to thank our local gym for letting me (us) have the oportunity to use the gym.I was offered a scholarship to use our local gym and I took it. I joined Anytime Fitness in October of 2009 on a 7 day free pass that my fiance' downloaded off the internet. When I first started I could not even use the elliptical I tryed several times just could not get the rythm going, so I was stuck walking the tredmill, and only for 10 min and then I was so exauted by then it was all I could do to even walk out of the gym. I was weighing in 474 pounds at that point I am now 374 and doing elliptical one hour a day burning 800+ calories and weight traning 3 days a week. I have a bad knee waiting on surgey for my left one,there is talk about partial knee replacement which scares me to death at the age of 41. I know what its like to be thin I have been there I served in the US Army for 2 years I weighed 190 in the Army. I have had my ups and downs of weight yes mostly up but life throws us curves all the time. I was married for 10 years we have a wonderful daughter that is ten years old. I used my divorce as an excuse to eat.I used food to comfort me, yea that didnt work I lost out on so much of my life being fat was always happy on the outside fooling myself and others, was always smiling joking just trying to make the best of life with food as a backup and that is so wrong now that I look back at it. I could go on and on with so many excuses why I couldn't lose weight or was is I didn't want to.Food is my favorite thing in the world (take that back) now Anytime Fitness is my favorite thing in the world.yes it is very hard some days to get motivated to go to the gym I am not going to lie.I can not give any advice but one thing that is eat less then you burn you will lose the weight. I have a great support group Teri my kids and friends my gym family. (screw it + do it = lose it)

posted : 5/21/2010 at 4:29 PM

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Hi, I have to say that I believe that you are doing awesome. I have very low self esteem because of my weight. Yes it is a very long journey and I am not through with mine. I understand the feeling of going to the gym with all these fit people right beside you doing things that you've only seen on tv. However, one way I solved that was trying to go when not many people were there, late at night. I have lost close to 75 pounds and I still need to lose about 45 more. I sometimes wondered if I would ever get this far and it is hard. But I like anytime fitness because everyone here is supportive and has their own personal struggle themselves. You are not as alone and out of place as you first may believe. That skinny person next to you, yes may have been overweight once, but he or she may also be struggling to gain weight. Believe it or not it is actually just about as much emotionally nerve wracking trying to gain weight as it is to lose it. One of my main motivators is my husband. He is awesome. Here I am, almost 230 lbs when we were married (I am 4'11") and now am 157, 14 months later. He has an incredible body that can do all those fancy exercises and having me do ab exercises and I cannot do them. He is trying to gain weight in muscle. He really struggles with it and it bothers him on his own as much as mine does me. This does not stop me from hating him sometimes while we are together at the gym. He pushes me. I asked him for his help at the beginning and he said yes. He believes in me and that is what makes it all worth it to keep struggling. Knowing that he believes in me and that I can do whatever I set my mind to is what keeps me going. Amazingly here at the gym, everyone believes in you as well, because otherwise you would have never walked into those doors. So be proud of yourself just for joining up. Yes, you have your work cut out for you, but this will make you stronger both mentally and physically. You are starting a new part in your life and I wish you the best of luck

posted : 5/22/2010 at 12:25 AM

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I love all the positive posts and folks sharing their success in this thread. Keep it coming! I'm sure there are many reading this that for whatever reason are not posting. I hope in a few months to hear from you!

So I have a new hero. I went for a 16 butt numbing mile bike ride yesterday. I got on a trail in a great park and had no idea how long it was and just told myself I'd go all the way to tend and back. It was 16 miles, any longer and I might not have been sitting down writing this....Happy

The trail I was on was an old state road turned into a multi-use trail for biking, walking, running, horses..whatever. It's nice because its wide, paved, and no cars. So back to my hero... about a half mile into the trail I passed a rather large older man (I'm guessing 300-350 lbs or maybe more and maybe in his 60's). It's hard to tell some ones age when they are large. This fellow was actually in a wheel chair and pushing himself down the trail.

On my way back I could see the same guy up ahead and I was watching him for a bit. I realized he was getting out of his chair... walking as far as he could pushing his own chair then he would get back in and roll a bit, get out and walk a bit. That man has heart! How many people would go to such lengths and probably pain to try and attain better health? That fellow earned my respect. The next time you are thinking about not going to workout because your afraid of what people might think please think of this guy! Applause

posted : 5/23/2010 at 1:07 PM

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I started Dieting and Walking just on 5-18-2010...I am not sure what my weight was I did not check but the last time I was weighed at the doctor I weighed about 230lbs... I counted every calorie and watched sugar intake one of the hardest things to drop was my soda I drank a couple cans a day... I have not had one soda since the 18th I have only drank water for fluids... I Weighed my self on the 21st and I weighed 228lbs I figure I will weigh my self once a week but I decided to weigh my self today just to see..225lbs so I am off to a good start and I am not going to stop..I am only 22 years old and I have 4 children but I am making time for myself and I WILL MEET MY GOAL!! My goal for now is to make it to 200lbs and once I make it that far I will set another goal.

posted : 5/23/2010 at 3:08 PM

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Congrats on the early success, especially kickin' that soda habit!! Keep up the good (and hard) work. Continue to post your updates...



posted : 5/23/2010 at 11:13 PM

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Dear S
I joined AF last summer like most of you, I was depressed about my weight and decided if I could spend x amount a week in eating out, than I could ditch that habit and hire a personal trainer. Best decision I ever made, those 30 min do fly by, but I also started doing cardio before and after my sessions. My trainer is amazing and with his help I have lost 100 lbs in a year and have about 50 more to go to be at my goal weight. I feel encouraged, inspired and cared for every time I go to AF. Keep up the hard work, I always tell myself unless I am dripping with sweat I don't think I have worked hard enough. I am glad to say that I am doing things now like playing softball, running in marathons, heck riding a roller coaster that I have never been able to do in my life. I am no tiny girl but having the stamina to make it through an Alabama summer in a softball game makes me hold my head proudly! Add a little more time every time you go and trust me you may not see results in the numbers every time but it is the small things that make it worth it!

posted : 5/24/2010 at 12:34 AM

Part I

I wanted to get some type of answer from an expert so I asked a good friend of mine what he would suggest to help someone who was trying to loose over 100 lbs. Here's a couple of tips from my friend Todd Snyder.

"More than any other group of fitness-seekers, those who are extremely overweight tend to struggle with sustaining their weight-loss efforts over time. One major factor that makes it more difficult is that the goal is much farther away when you have 150 pounds or more to lose rather than 20 or 30 pounds to lose. While you may start to lose weight, the improvement in your quality of life is delayed, and it's harder to start to feel the confidence and self-esteem rewards of your exercise when you are still more overweight than most people you know.

The solution? Well, it has to do with two main factors. The first is to make the fat loss deeply personal, meaning you lose the weight, pound by pound, for you rather than for the impression you make on someone else. Make this about your own sense of self-mastery and self-esteem (your reputation with yourself). Anytime you find yourself feeling deflated because of seeing people who are more fit than you, use those mental events as reminders to shift your mental focus to your own personal mission, remembering that you are losing weight for yourself, not them.

Part II in next post

posted : 5/24/2010 at 8:28 AM

Part II
The second factor that can make or beak success is the level of certainty you feel about ever achieving the results you desire. When you are certain that hitting the gym will pay off, you will keep going. For many people, the sense of certainty starts with powerful emotion behind it but then fades gradually. You start to lose the mental connection between what you want and what you know you have to do to get there. When you are an especially overweight person, it is critical to develop a mindset of certainty. Something like your own personal mantra that you repeat every morning upon waking and every time you feel tempted in the wrong direction: "I will succeed because I choose to do so. Setbacks and temporary problems have no chance of stopping my will. My daily actions are now those of a fit person, so my body will gradually change to reflect that!"

Adding short-term goals, for example celebrating every 10 pound increment of weight loss is another crucial element to sustaining effort over time. Additionally, getting social support can help a lot as well. You feel less vulnerable about working out when you have a couple people who you talk to about your fears of being judged as you join activities that draw attention to the fact that you are overweight. People like to support a meaningful goal, and getting fit is a very meaningful choice."

Dr. Todd Snyder is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach.

posted : 5/24/2010 at 8:28 AM

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I am loving coming back to this thread and rereading the old replies and seeing the new ones.. You are all such an inspiration to me! I'm so glad all of you are here with me!

I'm thinking about joining in on a "biggest loser" competition at my AF.. There are eight training session and you have to weigh in every week. If you gain any weight, you pay $1 a lb and whoever loses the most weight at the end of the 8 sessions gets the pot. I still have to find out what exactly happens in the sessions, but I think I want to try it. The only thing I'm worried about is having to run or try to keep up with everyone else. I just don't want to get embarrassed or ashamed if I can't do it. I'm going to try to not feel that way, but I'm scared I will. A friend I work with goes to the same AF as me and his girlfriend and her mom is going to do it. Maybe I can gain a couple new friends..Happy It would be great to have someone to workout with.

How is everyone else doing?

posted : 5/24/2010 at 9:24 AM

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I walk/ran my first 5K on Saturday. The owner of my ATF and my trainer and I did it together. I crossed the finish line in exactly 46 minutes. What an emotional high. I'm still feeling it today.

To sab2000sab: I know it is hard not to feel embarrassed or ashamed. My gym just got done with a Biggest Loser competition. There were folks of all sizes and degrees of fitness levels. The trainers worked with everyone as a group, but also on an individual basis to modify some of the workouts so that everyone got the same benefits. They also paired folks up with a buddy so that no one felt like they stood out because of the modifications. They took into consideration the personal and emotional aspects that come into play. Everyone had a wonderful time and they made a few friendships along the way. Some of them are still working out together. Don't cheat yourself out of this fun opportunity! You can do it!Rock On

posted : 5/24/2010 at 9:45 AM

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Thank you for starting this post! It is awesome to read about all the others who are having the same struggles as myself.
I am not sure that I can add much to this post, since there are so many incredible people with inspiring transformations (whether they are under way or have already occurred). Applause
The information that I want to add is this:

  • Take it one day at a time. Today I will work out, and eat right, I just have to make it through today. When we look at the never-ending future it is easy to get overwhelmed, or to feel like one day won't matter - IT DOES!
  • Forgive yourself. Forgive your past wrongs, the things you are still doing wrong, and your future screw-ups, because all the angst that you dwell on, really only makes things worse.
  • And realize that you are worth it!!! You deserve to be healthy, you deserve to be happy, and the only person who can give your happiness and health back to you is YOU.
  • Last, "It isn't where you start, it's where you finish." My own personal motto, offered to me by a personal trainer a few years back.

Remember, that when it is all said and done, you are going to have a story that will motivate and help others, like the many posters on this board who have done/are doing an amazing job of taking charge! I am also interested in emailing back and forth for motivation and support for those that are interested in doing so.
Blessings to all! Nicki

posted : 5/24/2010 at 12:06 PM

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Best piece of advice I can offer is:

Regardless of what your weight is now..someone else out there wishes they were at that number.

posted : 5/24/2010 at 3:03 PM

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You may find if you cut out all refined sugars for a while you will discover when you do eat sweet foods they are great. Once you kick that sugar addiction healthy amounts of natural sugar become very tasty and many refined sugars are so sweet they don't actually taste that good anyomre. This has been my expierence and probably one of the reasons I'm doing so well.

posted : 5/24/2010 at 5:49 PM

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My husband and I joined Anytime Fitness August, 2009, and are still going. We both are on Weight Watchers and he has lost 60 pounds and I have lost 52 pounds. This is a great gym.....and I just want to say keep up the good work guys!!Happy

posted : 5/24/2010 at 8:14 PM

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