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I have been an AF member for about a month, had my Physical Assessment, and reading a few of these other members questions got me thinking.
*Why do members not get any results given to them after the Physical Assessment? *
I was told we get them after we sign up for the personal trainer, but I find that a little wrong considering we are there to find out where we stand with ourselves so we know what to push ourselves with.
Members who want to get a trainer can still go for it, and knowing where they are and how the trainer could help would be more beneficial to both the member and AF trainers.

Please Help

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I got mine verbally, was told basically over all you're pretty much good to go. What would you like them do, hand you a note with results such as

1: Pushups...check
2: good
3: Treadmill for 10 minutes...way out of shape and needs to go on a serious diet
4: Lunges...OMG you had me in tears watching you try to do these

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Any gym worth it's salt will not only give them to you but sit down with you to discuss which areas that need improvement and those that are fine . Then they explain what exercises you will be doing to work on those problem areas. Also, you need to know where you started off to measure your progress!!!

posted : 4/27/2013 at 3:33 PM

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