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who else loves this site?

Yes, I did just join but I was told by my friend to check it out. She said that it is a clean and user friendly website.

I can't believe how right she was. I have been on SparkPeople, CalorieKing and a bunch of others. I can't wait until this site opens for non-Anytime Fitness members--so I can let my other friends know to join!

I need to seriously lose some weight, I think this would help me.

But seriously, who else loves this site, as much as me?

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This site is incredible! At first, when I joined AF I was a little discouraged at first; wasn't sure what sort of exercise routines would work for me, how to manage my weight more effectively, even talking to the trainers at my AF didn't do a whole lot (they have plenty of information, I just don't have the money to get a personal trainer). But with the message boards and support groups, I've been able to get the answers i've been needing; another AF personal trainer from across the country even sent me a workout routine designed specifically for people with my weight loss goals! I'm only on Day 2 of my goal right now (I slacked off and put it off for a long time but have recently become more motivated) and I'm excited to see how my physical fitness will improve!

jason.hawkse5 2.2k
7 years ago

I love it! Lots of supporting, helpful people on here, many good tips and ideas for staying fit! It's great!

Greg Mahler 4.8k
7 years ago

i love this site it has it all

tyler.andersen 510
7 years ago

This site is a great too many out there who need the extra support and guidance

Looking forward to the many improvements to come over the next few year that will make it even better!

Tyler Aube 22k
7 years ago

I love it, but I may be a bit biased as well. Happy
Lots of good stuff coming over the next few months too!!

Brian Zehetner 36k
7 years ago

I do, I do!!! Ooooh! Pick me!!!

Debbie Pias 57k
7 years ago

I'm a new member as well and I am absolutely loving this site. For example, today I went to the gym at 9am! Now, I am NOT a morning person, but this morning I sat down at my computer with an orange and the discussion board was a great motivator to get me out of the house to workout!

Additionally, I am loving the activity & diet tracker. I've always thought I was a healthy eater, but now that I am tracking my diet I see that my diet could be a lot healthier! For example, I've never realized how much sodium is in pickles!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love this site too! =)

ballerina18 2.9k
7 years ago

The reason we did not put an elliptical on the tracker is because the logic that calculates the calorie burn on the machine requires a lot of data to be accurate. We contacted the vendors theselves for it, they really monitor everything you do as you do it.

We have been debating using a simpler version, but it would only be about 75% accurate. It would just go in the list. Right now we recommend people just enter the number on the machine when you are done working out, it will be the most accurate. 16k
7 years ago

Starting to use the trackers and I love them. The little bouncy motion of the activity tracker makes me smile! It makes me feel like I have accomplished something during the day.

How do you add the Eliptical though? I didn't see it on the dropdown menu?

I showed it to my friend Tommy...I think he might even sign up just for the 'free' account until he can get the upgraded one.

There are no ads ANYWHERE..its fantastic.

RSXLove 1.9k
7 years ago

Love this site!! It is so helpfull and has everything a person can look for in a fitness website!!!

jenhmmngsn 361
7 years ago

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