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weightlifting vs working out/weight loss?

How many here did not join because of weight issues and instead are primarily interested in weight lifting and gaining muscle in order to get bigger and stronger? Was told something the other day that's sticking with me and just want to see if the majority of people feel that way or is it an isolated incident.

"We are all just your avarage person and not body builders...for that go to a different gym."

Really, join a different gym? Anytime Fitness is for people from all walks of life with all sorts of goals, be they weight loss, cardio, maintaining what you currently have, or heaven help those of us who are interested in getting stronger and bigger via weight lifting.

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I agree that Anytime is for anyone and isn't relegated to any particular segment of the exercise population, rather it is a place anyone can go to improve themselves physically, and within that realm there are so many options whether it be weight loss, strength gain, personal training, cardiovascular improvement, flexibility improvement, hand/eye coordination enhancement, group instruction, realizing goals, etc.

I think some people are going to be a little territorial/emotional when talking about their gym, because for a lot of people the gym is very personal because of the emotional relationship connected with weight loss, and therefore maybe sometimes people project their own personal feelings about something without realizing that not everyone necessarily shares the sentiment, and may be going for different goals.

But I don't know why any Anytime would not be the perfect place for both the serious weight lifter and the person strictly looking to lose weight, as all the tools necessary to realize both goals can be found with equal success.

I think one of the great things about Anytime Fitness is the diversity you usually see within a typical club on any given day. You may see runners, dancers, bodybuilders, centenarians, boxers, and they may have different workout philosophies and goals and ways to achieve their means, but when you break it down we are all after the same goal-self improvement.

Nick Flit 64k
5 years ago

whoa... who said that bunch of junk bro??? that's nuts I am here to lose some weight but I'm venturing on a "cut" for myself to get into the best shape and form for summer. Although whenever summer is over I plan to hit the clean bulk stage. So for whoever told you that I would simply say that everyone has their priorities and that's why there are 100 lb weights in the gym and not just measly 20 lb for toning and losing weight!

5 years ago

Greg- that's an interesting point that you make...never heard anyone say that before...let me introduce am LIZ NINJA MATHIE...ha! Nah, really, I am here to tell you that these gyms are for everyone other than the mean, nasty, intimidating, rude or catty person who is out to make others feel bad. As a gym manager in MI I can tell you that we have everyone from 82 year old woman to body builders- and I am always pleasantly surprised when I see my body builders showing the 82 year olds how to lift weights- it's awesome.
Either way- everyone has a different goal and a different story- I think that the strongest aspect of AF is that they are diverse and open for anything! Keep on rockin' your workouts man...sounds like you are on a great road!

Liz Mathie 7.2k
5 years ago

I think when all is said and done, Greg you'll find what you heard is an isolated event. Let see, coming from my gym right now I have clients I help for:
power lifting
losing weight
gymnastics injury recovery
Arena football player
diabetic trying to get off meds
shoulder rehab & general fitness

Formerly I've had:
Ms. Fitness competitor
rodeo injury recovery
lose weight to get knee replacement
lose weight to get skin reduction (lap procedure patient)
hip replacement rehab

Youngest was 15, oldest 72.

5 years ago

Anytime Fitness is for everybody - weight lifters, and anyone wanting to lose weight. It's all about improving yourself, and accomplishing your own goals. Good luck with your goals! Keeps us informed of your progress!

ShakeUp 2.1k
5 years ago

Anytime is for Everyone!

But the thing you have to remember is that the 'majority' of people who go to gyms (and Anytime Fitness) are those looking to lose weight. This certainly doesn't mean that we are limited to (or catering to) ONLY the majority (or else I myself wouldn't be able to work out a Anytime Fitness), but with over 2 thirds the adult population being classed as overweight you can't get away from the fact that there are more people looking to 'lose' weight rather than 'gain' it. Anytime Fitness is all about making members feel comfortable and at home so the situation may arise when a manager or staff member is forced to ask someone to stop dropping weights or to stop screaming and/or grunting, but there really is never I need to do either of those things (unless the weights are too heavy for someone to be lifting in the first place).

Anytime is for Everyone!


5 years ago

Haven't heard anyone screaming yet and the grunting deal drives me nuts. Sure we all will do a small grunt every now and then when pounding out a bit more serious weight, but there is one kid who comes in and every single thing he does he grunts extremely loud. Good thing is by the time he gets there my workout is almost over so I don't have to deal with it.

And that little deal about joining a different gym wasn't told to me at the gym but rather right here in this site by an uniformed person. When i attempted to get her to tell me what the heck she meant, she clammed up and said it wasn't worth her time.

So I just had to wonder if others felt that Anytime was an inappropriate place to actually use weights?

5 years ago

"So I just had to wonder if others felt that Anytime was an inappropriate place to actually use weights?"

Of course not! I, and many others, use ATF for weight training almost exclusively. 10-15 min cardio warm up and then hit the weights. My goal is still to lose the last 10-15 pounds, but I've always done it with weights. Never had any problems with it, so I wouldn't sweat one person talkin goofy about it.

Matt Lathrop 26k
5 years ago

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