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is it ok to run twice in one day?

I have been working out twice a day (quick high intensity morning run for 20 minutes and a short "easy" run in the afternoon around lunch time around 30-40 minutes). Do you think I am setting myself up for injury or is this much running ok since I am doing high in one workout and low intensity the next? Would it be better to switch off to elliptical or bike for the afternoon workout? Thanks.

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It all depends on your goals. Not knowing what those are and just based on what you presented in your question, I'd say you're probably ok, especially if you're looking to increase your running fitness level. But your body will tell you more than I could. And I'm only speaking about the physical aspects of double days, not the mental part.

Within the daily cycle, a short 20 minute morning workout is not likely to deplete your body much, and with the several hours (and a full meal?) before your next one some of the glycogen your muscles need for fuel will be replenished. However I wouldn't recommend double days every day. At a minimum give yourself at least 1 "regular" day with a single easy run between double days like you describe, better would be 2 days reducing the maximum number of double days to 2/week.

Definitely keep track of how you're feeling. If you start feeling more tired than usual, if your effort level remains high but your performance starts dropping off, if you're more tired than usual, feeling soreness that doesn't go away or takes longer to recover, your wake-up pulse rate remains higher than it usually is, or your motivation starts dropping off are all common signs of overtraining. The probability of injury increases greatly if you're overtrained.

5 years ago

Art, thank you and yes I am only doing double days twice a week. Mondays and Wednesday's. My goals are to run harder, faster and shed pounds. I however do not have a full meal in between meals. I consume a protein shake in the morning after my run and then have a yogurt with granola between the runs. I run at about noon and then come back to my desk and eat a full lunch. Do you think it would be more beneficial to eat something more than just yogurt and water in between. The protein shake in the morning sort of curbs my appetite and makes it really hard for me to eat anything.

ldigiovanni21 3.2k
5 years ago

You're probably doing just fine. If you feel like it, try experimenting with more eating and see if that gives you more energy. If you're fine now, then it's probably not worth messing around with. I put in the meal comment because I've run across a few folks over the years who've tried double runs without any nutrition in between and the results were not good.

5 years ago

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5/14/2012 at 10:29 AM