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how much should my heart rate be?

I have Tachycardia when I get on a machine my heart rate in two minutes is 120 My dr.told me to start working out.There is sometimes I get out of breath but I keep on going..What I was wondering everyone says get your heart rate up will I get my to 140 to 150 then I quit my dr.said not to get it any higher what I was wondering will I loose weight doing that r what? I do sweat and get out of breath at that point but then after awhile I start to breath better..

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Do not go against the advice of a doctor. An increased heart rate puts strain on your heart. A healthy heart can take a beating (pun intended). If you already have a weakened heart, making it go faster only make it work harder. Keeping weight under control is important for your health, but you are nothing without your heart. Focus more on your diet if you want to lose the weight and work out only to the extent that your doctor deems safe.

DeaVea 40k
5 years ago

DeaVea is correct. Please heed the advice of your Doctor.

Do not pay attention to what "others" tell you regarding your heart rate and where it should be. Everyone had a different heart rate training zone, a different starting resting heart rate point, and medications can play a huge role in limiting heart rate readings (beta-blockers) as well as others significantly raise heart rates.

Do what your Doctor tells you to do and when someone tells you otherwise simply tell them you are following Dr.'s orders.

Jacqui Bliss 25k
5 years ago

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5/12/2012 at 8:25 AM
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