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caloric intake vary?

Should my caloric intake vary depending on how active I am per day?

My workout routine varies from day to day on how many calories I burn and I take 2 rest days, should I adjust my caloric intake for days when I am not so active?

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This is something you can factor in each day if you feel there is a vast difference in the amount of total energy expended form day to day (particularly if weight loss is your goal). Something you need to also consider is that your body grows and repairs itself primarily when you are at rest (sleeping), so if weight gain or maintenance is your goal you do need to ensure you are 'feeding' your body through these rest times as just as much energy is required to 'grow' and 'rebuild' muscle.

Just so you know, when your Daily Caloric Requirement is calculated, it is done so by using an 'estimate' of how active you are (the activity factor is what determines by how much your BMR is multiplied by) and this does take into consideration the days you are less active.


5 years ago

Yes and no..... as James said...this is somewhat figured into the calculations when determining calorie intake levels.

However, in recent years, I have taught a zig-zag dieting approach, and it does tend to work well.

Determine your maintenance level of calories,and then depending on the day, eat slightly below, at or above, always remembering that if weight loss is your goal,the overall weekly count should be negative. This will allow for fat loss while keeping leptin levels from tanking.
This also helps prevent your body from "re-setting'to the new lower calorie level as its baseline.

Sat- below

Notice I did this in a day to day pattern, but you could also structure according to your workouts...higher on days you do heavy work etc. The choice is yours.

5 years ago

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