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whats the best way to use this?

every time i use the tread mill on a incline my shin and some times my knee hurts so i have not been useing the incline so is there another way i can use the tread mill to get a good cardio anything will help thanks

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You can also consider skipping the treadmill until your legs and stamina improve and opt interval type training on a recumbant or upright bike. This will reduce the likelihood of you getting impact type injuries from weight bearing exercise. On the bike: Warmup for 5 min. at an easy pace and easy resistance (say level 5); then up the resistance to anywhere from 15-20 and pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds, at the end of 30 sec. decrease your resistance to 5 and pedal easy, focusing on getting your heart rate down for 60 sec. This concludes one interval. Repeat this for 6-8x and then cooldown for 5 min. Killer workout, in little time and no stress on the shins or kneesHappy

Jacqui Bliss 25k
5 years ago

I would recommend walking faster or jogging for short periods of time to up the intensity of your workout. You could also consider using the bike or elliptical to perform your cardio.

It may also be a good idea to include resistance training to strengthen your shins a bit. Try adding in lunges, step-ups, and calf raises to build the muscles and joints up a bit there.

5 years ago

Along with the suggestion of increasing the speed I would suggest holding on to some hand weights (dumbbells) to add some extra resistance and hence burn more calories (work harder).


5 years ago

If you want just a cardio alternative my suggestion (if you have it at your club) would be the Precor AMT. It is FANTASTIC on the joints and burns so much so fast! I don't use the treadmill at all anymore because of my hip and knee and use the elliptical only if I can't get on the AMT! I do like the recumbent bike and the rowing machines!
I do agree that it would be a smart idea to ease up and let your shins get better. There are so many activities you could do to strengthen them. From toe curls with a towel, side to side toe to heel rises, wall sit with alt. toe to heal rises, hamstring stretches and strengthening, band circles and more. Jacqui B listed awesome alternatives for great cardio workouts!

Jacqui Olsen 11k
5 years ago

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