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is this for real?

Can i ask why 'mike hunt' continues to be allowed to post answers or questions on the site? Never mind the nonsense s/he puts into the keyboard and onto the screen but the persons user name alone should be enough to gain her/him an invitation to find another website. Maybe if people don't respond to statements or questions from the infamous "My?unt" s/he will choose to leave or discover a classier side of his/her personality to express.

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Great timing, I must say. I'm "sad" to inform you all that our friend no longer has the ability to post comments that provide no worth or support to the site. I know his input will be missed - but his endeavors are needed elsewhere (maybe Myspace)?

We apologize for the troubles! Let us know if you see anything else popping up!

Thanks Happy


Debbie Pias 57k
5 years ago

Before Mike Hunt there was SamVic, maybe this was even the same person. It doesn't matter, sometime after this there will undoubtedly be another. Like Vicki said, it takes all kinds.

If there is an inappropriate post, flag it. Corporate will take it from there and if the flagging is warranted the correct actions will be taken.

I went through high school with a Benjamin Dover (he did not go by "Ben") who had an older sister named Eileen. No kidding.

5 years ago

It may seem preposterous, but I did go to college with a Michael Kenneth Hunt-- he was a mostly descent guy. Doesn't seem to be our "mystery guest", but... it takes all kinds to make the world go round...

Vicki Bowland 53k
5 years ago

What are these peoples parents thinkingHappy


5 years ago

I have to say I will not miss him! I look forward to ATH every day and can continue to!
Totally Agree James!

Jacqui Olsen 11k
5 years ago

I believe with parents sometimes it's on purpose, other times totally inadvertant. When I knew them, the parents of the Dover kids thoroughly believed they had achieved the pinnacle of hilarity when it came to kids' names. My dad, whom I love and think nothing but good things about, wanted to give me the middle name of Simon until mom pointed out what my initials would be. He NEVER would have made that connection.

Mom passed away several years ago and I doubt I'll ever tell dad what the last 4 digits of my phone spell (605.222.7588)

5 years ago

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irvingtr member since Jan '11


MemberCambridge, ON
5/8/2012 at 1:20 PM
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