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how can i keep my weight going down?

I have been trying to loose weight and I think I am going at it all wrong. I have been working out with weights and using treadmills and the ellipticles but My weight just won't get under 240. My goal weight it 190 to 200. What could I do to help myself, should I quit using free weights and quit lifting for awhile or just keep doing what I have been doing?

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Art's advice to you is great! If you follow it you will reach your health and fitnes goals for sure. I would also suggest that you get your body composition measured (body fat percentage) so that you can see where you are now and then compare that again in a few weeks time. Ask your fitness staff if they can perform the test on you or see about scheduling an appointment with a personal trainer to do the quick test. In my opinion, your body composition is more important than the number that the scale says you weigh.

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
5 years ago

Definitely stay with the resistance training. Your exercise program sounds pretty solid. I would look to make some changes in your diet if you haven't already. No amount of exercise will ever allow you to out train a bad diet.

One of the best ways to get your diet under control is to journal it and AH gives your the resources you need to figure out how to do just that. Set up your goals under the "goals" tab and then start journaling. Track your food intake and exercise level. You can also look at different food and diet plans to help you reach your goals under the nutrition tab.

5 years ago

change your workout.
If you ain't sweatin' you ain't burnin"

icanbme41 4.1k
5 years ago

From what you said exercise-wise you're doing everything you should be. If your goal is to lose weight, definitely do not stop any resistance training (or cardio).

Unfortunately you gave no information on how long you've been working out and what you're eating. How long have you been at it; regularly for the past couple of months as suggested by your "member since" info? Probably more importantly, and much more so if you have been coming to the gym anywhere close to 3x/week since Feb, how closely are you paying attention to what you're eating and how much of it?

As you start working out you will gain muscle and lose some fat, and that alone may be responsible for keeping the scale at the same number. But that condition will only exist for a relatively short period of time. If you have a well-balanced nutritional intake that is below your calory expenditure levels, given time you will lose weight. The AH site has great food and activity trackers. Combined they will give you a very good idea if you are not working out enough or if you are eating too much.

5 years ago

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MemberLebanon, OH
5/7/2012 at 11:08 AM
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