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how can i fix my problem?

how can i get over of eating when i get depressed whats wrong with me every time i get depressed i go and get that comfert food whats the best way to deal with this please let me know thanks

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Hayden, YOU are the ONLY person that can help YOURSELF. Only you can control what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Until you realize this, not one person can do anything for you. Nothing anyone has told you up until now and after this moment will make any difference in how you deal with your problems/depression until you face them head on and stop allowing them to control you. How do I know? I've been there, dealt with it, and will never go back to that dark place again. More than you know, I want you to succeed in the goals you set for yourself! Be strong for you and for no other reason.

BeachinIt 6.8k
5 years ago


As an emotional eater myself, the best thing for me is a distraction.
Take a walk.
Call a friend.
Take a bath.

Nourish yourself other ways.

Remember this is a JOURNEY. Don't be too hard on yourself. Avoid feelings of deprivation. And if you do misstep, jump right back on track on your next meal. Don't put it off til tomorrow or Monday. You can do this. Have faith.

Good Luck.

5 years ago

I have begun to try some meditation to settle myself down after a rough day. I find complete relaxation doing this and I'm less likely to do a chocolate cure!

jneeb 80
5 years ago

Hayden, like Bea I have been there and NEVER EVER Want to travel that path again! When I was at an all time heavy and low place emotionally I looked in the mirror I hated what and who I saw! That is when I decided that I WAS THE ONLY ONE that could help MYSELF. I made the decision that I was better than that and worth more! I wanted to be ME again! I almost lost a daughter and I cried thinking I may not be there for my family and their families if I did not pull myself together and get to work on ME! I went and joined ATF and now I am SO SO HAPPY! Moren than I ever thought I could be! You are going to have good / bad days and good / bad months. Know this and KEEP TRYING! Try and surround yourself with supporters and stay true to yourself and goals! I see you do a lots of posts! GOOD! Keep it up! We are here for you but only YOU can DO IT!

Jacqui Olsen 11k
5 years ago

Emotional eating can be a vicious cycle. You need to break it!

Everyone has ways to cope with stress. You need to find your inner mojo. When Im feeling the pressure, I like to clean or work out.

And, when I am feeling bummed.. I try something new! It can be anything- zip lining, sky diving, taking a cooking class, visting a museum, etc.

5 years ago

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haydenmartini member since Sep '11


MemberCloquet, MN
5/4/2012 at 4:27 PM