are there foods/ingredients that help burn fat?

I have been exercising regularly and really hard, and I am seeing some positive results. Are there some ingredients or foods that I can eat which helps to burn body fat?

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As far as if you eat this it will burn fat? No.The best way to look at it is do not eat foods that have no value and foods that pretty much only turn to fat.
Just try and eat whole natural unprocessed foods when ever possible. Great Nutrition is a corner stone to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Corey Brown 20k
5 years ago

Michael, there may be a few select ingredients that may or may not fit the criteria you’re looking for, but at the end of the day, it’s minimalistic at best.

You’re far better off concentrating on the basics; a diet that’s consistent & that focuses on a calorie in & calorie out approach, quality options & choices & portion control, increased activity in the gym & out of the gym & solid rest at night & recovery patterns.

Michael, keep it simple & think long-term; your results will mirror that & life-long results are what you’re after….right?


Tony Nicholson 141k
5 years ago

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