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what is the best protein powder for a woman with a goal of losing weight?

I am not a big breakfast eater and I have had a lot of people mention having a protein shake for breakfast. I am looking to lose weight. What is the best protein powder for that?

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If you're looking to lose weight, I wouldn't skip breakfast. People who eat breakfast generally are healthier, and lose more weight than people who skip breakfast. The reason is because people who eat breakfast make better decisions about what to eat (and how much) for lunch, and between meals. They have more control because they're not as hungry. Instead of a shake, at least eat a bowl of nutritious cereal with a banana, or an apple. I like Total cereal myself, but Wheaties is good, too. Use 2% milk if you can't stand fat free milk. But if you're truly interested in losing weight, use the fat free milk, and don't add sugar.

ShakeUp 2.1k
5 years ago

I don't do protein shakes, I get more than sufficient protein without them. If you are interested in losing weight, I would strongly suggest a breakfast high in protein-- egg/eggwhite omlet, Greek yogurt with fruit, whole wheat toast with peanut butter-- etc.

Although most Americans get ample protein, there are studies of long successful weight loss candidates which indicate.
diets higher in protein help in weight loss and keeping it off.

Although it may seem like a "vendetta", an egg or eggwhite omlet with grilled chicken and veggies is an awesome way to start your day.Wink

Vicki Bowland 53k
5 years ago

Congrats on your quest.
I understand about not being a huge breakfast fan. Particularly if I am getting up super early the idea of "real" food makes me queasy. I rely on the occasional protein shake to get me through.
Protein shakes are not designed to help you lose weight per se. They are deigned to be a quick meal replacement. With that in mind, when you look for this meal replacement (I think anything is better than nothing re:breakfast)look for a powder that does not have artificial sweetners or excess sugar/carbs. Also, personally I do not think it should be soy based.... choose egg white or whey proteins. Whey are the most popular, but if you have issues with dairy, you may want egg white based.
Then dress it up to suit your taste and needs by adding fruit, nut butter, leafy greens, and ice. Don't go crazy, since every addition means more calories, but with out so much sugar or garbage in the powder, you have room to add enough to make it taste yummy. There are a ton of smoothie recipes out there to give you ideas.
Good luck!

5 years ago

I am lactose intolerant - but I am able to use a protein powder with a blend of soy & whey proteins. It has no added sugars, is low carb.

I am not a fan of breakfast during the week. I get up at 5:30, do 30 minutes of cardio, shower & head to work. So after my shower - I have a serving of protein powder mixed in with a cup (10-12 ounces) of iced coffee. It gets me some protein in the morning, and it doesn't slow me down.

Now - I must confess - my morning snack (usually around 9am or so at my desk) is a serving of oatmeal.

Do what works for you! Different people respond differently. Doing it this way (along with working out 5 days a week) I have lost 96 pounds. Your body will tell you what works best for it!

Laura Steward 23k
5 years ago

protein powders, while i do like them are not an adequate substitute for the macro's you get in whole foods.

best use of a protein shake is immediately post workout.

yours in health & strength...

5 years ago

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