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whats wrong with me?

i am tired of my weight i will lose weight then i will gain weight what the heck am i doing wrong please help me to get over this hump thanks

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Each of us gets a unique body at birth and like a lump of clay; we can sculpt it into whatever we want. It takes time, perseverance and reasonable, achievable goals.

My first recommendation is to use the Anytime Health website and if you have a smartphone, get the app as well. It makes it very easy to track both your activity level (calorie burn rate) and your intake (calories eaten). It provides several advantages in that it not only gives you a calorie balance for each day, it also tracks the nutritional elements so that you can balance your diet for optimum health. Once you start down this path it will become habit and you will find yourself amazed at how you thought certain foods were no big deal only to find that they are packed with calories.

My second recommendation is that once you start tracking yourself through Anytime Health, EAT! The body needs fuel and if you just go into diet mode you will find yourself cycling between loss and gain like a yo-yo. The AH will help you keep yourself in calorie deficit without starvation. And on days when your body says “feed me” you can look at your burn rate and add something in even if it is as simple as a walk.

My third recommendation is to set reasonable achievable goals and not to get down on yourself. It takes time. I set my own goal as 3” off of my waist. I’m almost there but it took me 7 months. It sounds like a long time but believe me it took me a lot longer to put those 3” on my waist. This is a lifestyle change you are making and you will succeed if you just take it a step at a time.

I say again, there is nothing wrong with you.

Best of luck, Jeff Jackson

Jeffrey Jackson 15k
5 years ago

You didn't say whether or not you track your activity or your nutrition. I would start there. Track everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you eat and drink. Track your activity. You will then see where you may be going wrong. If you are eating healthily and keeping the calories and fat within limits then maybe you need to change out your activity to get your metabolism going again. If you do your exercises in the same order or intensity every time your body gets used to the process. Shake it up a little.
It isn't easy, I know. I have a great deal of weight to lose and I've just begun my journey....

Take care

KathyMC 3.7k
5 years ago


Jeffrey is spot on. Also, keep in mind that getting and staying healthy is a lifestyle. It took time for you to gain the weight and it will take time to lose the weight. You will have natural daily fluctuations in weight as well. Women's weight can vary by as much as 6-8 pounds per month pending on their cycle. Please pay attention to your averages rather than getting caught up in the daily number. Is your average weekly weight lower than last week? Then you know you are on track. Oftentimes, I find that planning is the best key for success in almost everything. Follow Jeffrey's goal recommendations. Do you weekly grocery shopping on Sunday and prepare your meals for the week. Sit down with your schedule and plug in your "gym" workout times and your outside extra activity. Plug in an extra 30-45 min. a day to spend on Anytime Health. Yes. You should plan that time too. Plan time with your friends and family. Enjoy and revel in the fact that "You" are in control of your life and that you are making the right decisions for your health and happiness moving forward.

Jacqui Bliss 25k
5 years ago

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