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any ideas for a travel nurse?

I live alone and I am a travel nurse, I am needing to loose 60 pounds. What is a good way to stay on track with my travel job?

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Hi Lisa- great job in your first step in reaching out! Did you just join or have you been a member of AF for awhile? Here is my first piece of advice...make time for YOU. Sometimes that means you have to get up extra early and search for that extra push of motivation- but you can do it- everyone can- it's all about attitude and finding what you need to do for you.
Second, I would go ahead and find out where you travel and look those places up on See where the anytime fitness's are as far as where you travel etc. If you can map out a routine for yourself and make exercise part of your lifestyle, then you won't wnat to go without it. I just got back from my first family vacation last night and my husband and I did a workout every morning because that's our lifestyle and we just wouldn't have felt right without it. There are trainers on here that you can get help from, and also, if you build your friend list up on anytime health you can use the newsfeed as a constant motivator by checking in with your other AH friends. Start small with a cardio and lifting program and move from there. Also, most importantly, get on that diet tracker and make sure you are eating well. Pack small healthy snacks for in the car and be sure that fast food is not something you fall back on. It's easy to pack a cooler and pre-make your food each Sunday. It's so much better than fast food. An alternative is Subway- they do have healthy choices. Does this help? I want to hear more about where you go- how often you are on the road etc. Cheers to your new weightloss venture- we are here!

Liz Mathie 7.2k
5 years ago

I am not a traveling nurse but I am a RN I find that works best for me is to get it done in the early morning 4am, my day goes so much better with my work out in and out of the way. I handle the stress so much better on the those days; that I have switched all my work out to the early morning on the days I work. One for great thing about that time is the gym is less busy.. Must say, when the alarm goes off there are those day that I need a little motivation to get rolling usually I tell my self If I get there first I can put the fan on me for those long runs!!! and yes it does work:)

handersen 1.3k
5 years ago

Hi Lisa,

Congrats on getting on the site and rolling. Can I ask how long you are in one location? I worked with a traveling nurse for a few months while she was in town and she saw very good results in a short amount of time. I would strongly consider signing up with at PT and getting as much work done as possible while you are in one location. You do have a nice added benefit of being able to work with many different professionals and experience and learn quite a bit as you move around. I would think of your workout routines and "lifestyle" as mirroring what you are doing with your profession. You are providing an invaluable service to the locations that employ you; you are learning many new things; you are meeting and experiencing so much... Embrace this philosophy with your fitness routine and make the most of every location. Before your know it, those lb's will be gone!

Jacqui Bliss 25k
5 years ago

I'm a big fan of body weight workouts when on vacation, as there is always room for an impromptu few set's of various push-ups: flat, wide grip, triangle, divebomber, hindu, handstand, 5 second. (etc.) as well as enough room for most abdominal exercise's, isometric lower body positions, and even full body warm-up' exercises (burpee's, jumping jacks, stair sprints, etc.)

It is always easy to get a good walk in on vacation when visiting a new place, whether it is checking out the old town history, going to a national park if there is one nearby, or just browsing around town.

Also, here are a few blogs written in the past on AH involving this subject, including one entitled "stay on track while on vacation" (just what you're looking for!!) as well as a high intensity hotel workout that should cure what ails:

Nick Flit 64k
5 years ago

Lisa - if you were able to get through the rigors of nursing school I am positive that you have what it take to maintain the focus and discipline needed to shed those pounds!
I imagine you are working 12-14s, get out of work either hungry, lethargic, or with the desire to sleep? None of which are conducive to a fitness regime.

Im beginning my final year of RN school, have responsibilities as DAD, husband. Despite this I've made it a point to reserve atleast 1 hour a day for ME time as Liz suggested. I go to the gym during that hour and so that I dont waste any of that time I spend the drive home from clinical thinking about my workout progression - which muscle groups do I want to workout - which muscle groups CAN i work out (depending on where I am sore from previous days). My health comes first above all else. I cant provide or be strong for my family if I dont take care of my health. We take care of people all day in our profession and we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves unless we stop and look at what is going on. Hypocrisy at its finest! We dont really practice what we preach when it comes to patient education.

I urge you to think about how good you will feel after you complete a few miles on a hike, bike, or a jog. There are tons of "run trackers" available for android and iphone. I use Mapmyrun+ for android, pretty straight foward, tracks your runs/hikes/bike rides via GPS. I use that data as a baseline and motivation for myself by trying to out do my times, and it gives the advantage of being able to look back and see your accomplishments.

Set a goal - you know the routine: Short term/Longterm using SMART.

Within the next few weeks set a calorie restriction goal, or increase the length of a jog or time spend doing resistance training, something the you can use to track your progress/regression. Find out what type of exercise you like to do, what muscles would you like to work for the day
Weigh yourself ONCE a week! and only once a week perferably at the beginning or end of the week. Weighing everyday will only show fluctuations and is psychologically detrimental to exercise compliance. We often tend to think that the scale is moving to slowly.
As always the community and myself are here for support and encouragment. Any and all questions are welcome.

My nursing DX for you : Risk for living a happy, healthy, fitness oriented life!!

derek reyes, ACE CPT, LVL II Student RN

Derek Reyes, CPT 2.2k
5 years ago

What I like about working as a travel nurse is that you can work at work at different facilities, from top research and teaching facilities to rural hospitals, and it enables you to broaden your skill set and learn new techniques. Not only does travel nursing showcase your adaptability, but it also proves you’re always up for a challenge and ready to learn from each new facility you visit.

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jimmyweb555 -35
5 years ago

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