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what to do after a charlie horse?

What is the best thing to do after getting a charlie horse cramp? Any particular stretches?

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I typically roll on the ground and silently scream..Grin

Derek Reyes, CPT 2.2k
5 years ago

Are you referring to a cramp in your Quadriceps muscle (I'm pretty sure that's what Americans refer to as a 'charlie horse'? - sorry...Australian here). If it is a quad cramp you can simply stretch out the quad by standing on one leg and holding the foot of your cramping leg behind you. It takes some balance so be sure to hold on to a wall or rail with your other hand so you don't fall over. Cramps often occur due to salt imbalances and/or dehydration after prolonged exercise. Potassium and Magnesium are the big culprits and Sodium, Chlorine, Calcium and Manganese can all contribute (either too much or too little). Bananas are high in Potassium so it is often recommended to eat one (the also contain Magnesium) or you can try a sports drink (Gatorade or Powerade) as this is one they are made for (replacing lost salts).

Good Luck and hopefully I helped?


5 years ago

I am prone to getting charlie horse's as wellHappy Love that term LOL,,,Mine are always in the calves. I have suffered with them most of my life. Mine mainly happen when I am alseep,talk about a rude awakening!Sad The only thing I have found that works for me is taking a potassium and a magnesium supplement.(I take that along with a few others for specific health benefits) I did all the stretching and keeping hydrated that a person could do but nothing helped. I had blood test done several years ago,and for whatever reason my levels are always low. For me eating bananas just wasnt enough. The good thing is the supplements arent very costly,I get a bottle of 100 for about 3.00

Sally . 4.9k
5 years ago

Well I don't know about Kelly but mine are always in the area behind the quads,(the hamstrings??) and it happens when I'm doing butt work. It really would be nice to know how to get rid of them so I can keep on. I'm drinking water in between each set and breathing through the movement.

Pauladolla 2k
5 years ago

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Kelly88m member since Feb '11


MemberNarragansett, RI
4/3/2012 at 6:26 PM