any advice dealing with back pain?

So I just started going to the gym a few days ago. I plan on going everyday but my back is making it hard. I had back surgery about 2 years ago and was wanting to know what kind of things will help strengthen my back. Also if there is anything i should avoid? Any other pointers or advice on anything would be nice too since I am not sure what to do at the gym. I feel like a lost kid in there.

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Not only because of your previous back issue(s) but also you are new to gyms, you sound like a perfect candidate to consider hiring a personal trainer for at least some time initially so you can learn how to use all gym equipment properly and safely. Safe use of equipment in the gym should be everyone's priority, and teaching that is one of the jobs of a personal trainer.

I imagine you hoped for something a little more specific, but quite frankly without knowing a lot more about your past medical history and current fitness levels I cannot do any more than limiting my suggestions to simply start slowly and keep at it. And consider hiring a personal trainer.

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5 years ago

My brother and I both deal with regular lower back pain. Not from any trauma, just the results of strained and weak muscles. We have found that doing simple back extensions (I use a stability ball, he the floor) helps relieve the pain in the short term, and is strengthening the muscles for a long term help. Art is right, you should get a personal trainer, but a back ext might be a good place to start with him.

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5 years ago

That does help thanks art =) thanks to you also xlittlefoxx

Brittany Garcia 15
5 years ago

Actually,Back pain is very tough to deal and understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment because back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, a better understanding of the cause of pain condition will assist in pain recovery.
I will suggest you wear to back supporter while doing exercise at gym and Avoid Smoking because Smoking damage the tissue of back and reduces the immunity of human body.Try Back Pain Equipments for better relief.

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5 years ago

Build your core muscles is what my dr told me.

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5 years ago

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