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can you stretch to much?

Since the weather has gotten nice out I have started to do more running outside, instead of on the treadmill. I mixed in a nice trail run with some hills while running outside and have found that my quads and calfs seem more achy then when i ran on the treadmill. I am sure trail running and treadmill running obviously utilize different muscles. I just want to know if stretching multiple times per day will help with this soreness to go away faster.


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Stretching and deep massages during the day is a good way to get blood moving through your muscles to speed up recovery of sore muscles. There's no detrimental effects of stretching too much, so do it for 15 minutes or so when you have time.

Another recommendation is to start a run with a warmup routine. Static stretches before a workout does nothing, but doing a warmup with dynamic stretches is a good way to help prevent injuries and will even boost performance. Something like 10-rep body squats, 10-rep walking lunges, 10-rep lateral lunges, 1/10th a mile walk, and 1/10th of a mile light jog. You can search online for other warmup techniques.

DeaVea 40k
5 years ago

With running you should never stretch cold muscles. Try running for 5 or 10 minutes 1-2 minutes slower than your usual pace. Get your muscles going and then stop and stretch out for a bit. Make sure you putting emphasis on the following areas: quads, calfs, hamstrings and thighs. You can probably look online for some stretch techniques. Then after the run follow the same trend. Stop and walk for a bit and then go for a very slow jog 1-2 minutes slower than your regular pace if you can't run anymore, go for a walk. Walk 1 minute for every mile you run as a cool down and then stretch the same muscles you did before. Within 20 minutes of your workout, go home eat a banana and have a nice glass of chocolate milk to help with recovery, you will definately see a difference in the way you feelHappy Good luck!

ldigiovanni21 3.2k
5 years ago

Keep in mind to gently do static stretching. If you feel pain while stretching you are going too far.
Please consider doing some self myofascial release work with a foam roller. Please speak with a trainer at your local Anytime Fitness club about running appropriate foam roller work.

Jacqui Bliss 25k
5 years ago


As an advocate for flexibility, I can say on good authority that stretching is a good thing. I don't think the question here is can you stretch to much, its more of a question of can you stretch too far?

The more flexible a joint and it's corresponding connective tissue is, the less likely it is to acquire an injury. "cold" and old connective tissue tends to accelerate slower, this accounts for immobility of the elderly, and stiffness in cold temperature (plus decreased metabolism). You also have 2 important "safety" features imbedded in your muscles- the Golgi tendon organ and the muscle spindle. The latter detects changes in muscle length and the former Detects muscle tension. They are both A type of sensory receptor involved in keeping you from stretching too far too quick. Overloading these little guys causes them to fail and results in injury..usually a strained muscle. This is the reason that ballistic stretching is only recommended in specific situations and for conditioned athletes. An unconditioned individual would surely hurt her/his self.

In conclusion it is in my humble opinion that stretching often would actually prevent injuries....Happy

Derek Reyes, ACE Certified PT, Level II Student Nurse

Derek Reyes, CPT 2.2k
5 years ago

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3/27/2012 at 8:39 AM