how often should i level up?

I love using the Eliptical. I mean I REALLY Love it. Lord knows I'd buy it a ring if it didn't seem utterly ridiculas. I go for an hour a day on it on a random setting based on my weight just before I go on. My question is, how often should I increase the level of difficulty? Every 3 weeks? Every Month? I'm sure it all matters on how I physically feel at the time, but in your professional opinion how often should I change it for the best results?

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You want it to be challenging and you want to be able to get your heart rate in your training zone. So if you are not feeling like you are working in that zone, then you will probably want to increase it. If you are going for that long of a duration, then you will probably want to do intervals so that you have some active rest periods in-between.

Courtney Murzyn 28k
5 years ago

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3/14/2012 at 11:57 AM