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how can i lose weight in my stomach and inner thighs?

How can I lose weight in my stomach and inner thighs

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You can't spot reduce. No one can. You can work on the muscles underneath the fat, and with goal setting, diet tracking and committing to the process, you can lose the fat covering your muscles. It's a process all the advice in the world could help, but it you can do. Start small. Set attainable goals. Move your body. The results will come. If you commit.

This site is a great help. The goal setting, the diet and activity tracking are all right here. And, there are even mobile also for Android and iPhone to help.
Good luck.Happy

Vicki Bowland 53k
6 years ago

By doing aerobics daily for 30 minutes , to one hour ,, you can loose weight all around , but of course you do have to have and mantain a good habit of food intake watching your calories , do not drink soda pops , eat sweets , etc. avoid fry foods , dairy .etc. drink about 6 glasses of water daily , of 8 onz , avoid alchohol .
have one day ,, and just one day to do eat what you like ,, but at the same time ,, don't over do it . and I can garantee you , will loose weight .
Remember to be persistance

andaluz49 156
6 years ago

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Rachel Geisendorff member since Mar '12


MemberEunice, LA
3/4/2012 at 6:01 PM
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