what are some good lower ab workouts to help with stomach flab?

What are the best workouts to help with the lower stomach. I know this is one of the hardest areas for women to work off the little stomach flab, but I have a few weddings coming up that I am in (October & Nov) and would like a flat or more toned stomach for the summer!! I have tried a few crunch techniques as well as the "bicycyle technique" switching off knees to elbow. Ive also done the "plank" Any other great ideas?? Id really eppreciate it!!

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Belly fat isn't about exercises. It's about diet. The adage is "abs are made in the kitchen" and they're right. They are either made, or hidden there.Wink

You need to be really clean in your diet-- barest of processed foods, more whole grains, lean proteins, lower fat dairy, less starchy, more green/fiberous veggies and fruits. Add some High Intensity Interval Training, and some ab work, and you will see results.

But if you don't start in the kitchen, well, that brings that other adage to mind "you can't out train a bad diet.".

Vicki Bowland 53k
6 years ago

Thats the thing though, I eat really healthy and workout 4-5 times a week, and yes Ive seen results in the waist and hips (gone down a few jean sizes) but still a little stomach is left. I need to step up on something! Are there any protein diets or shakes or meal replacements I should add to this???

allymayers34 3k
6 years ago

To lose lower belly fat, especially women, really have to dial in their diet, and add HIIT training.

Sarah here on the boards has had great success, and I am sure she will be along soon to offer some diet and HIIT advice. But it isn't exercises that will get there, it is super-controlling your diet.

Vicki Bowland 53k
6 years ago

It is difficult to hear but I think Vicki said it exactly. You can have strong abs, even ripped ones and still not see them if you have fat layers on top. It is all in diet not ab crunches. You maybe eating healthy but what about the calorie count? Is it more than what is recommended for what you are trying to accomplish? Love the calorie counter here. On another thought, if you lost a lot of weight there is excess skin you can't get rid of unless you have surgery. As much as I HATE my excess from all the weight I lost it is a friendly reminder of how hard I worked to get rid of it and makes it easier to deal with. I suggest you take a look at your calories and keep working hard toward your goal!

Jacqui Olsen 11k
6 years ago

You can find some good exercises on YouTube. Planks are a good one and there are variations with your feet on the wall while brining in each your knees toward the floor and going from one leg to the other while keeping your other foot on the wall. Kind of hard to describe.

Everything the folks said above is true but I will add one thing. While it is true you can be ripped under fat that doesn't show your muscles, you can also have flabby abs if you don't work them. Doing abs ercises won't flatten your mid section, but it will flatten your abs muscles. If you don't tone your abs, you won't know if it's muscle flab or fat. When I do my ab exercises I can tell a noticable difference in how my jeans fit and my posture is better too.

Jonny Quest 5.2k
6 years ago

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