cough after running?

I've begun running on the treadmill over just speed walking. My body feels great but my lungs are having some problems. I'm out of breath quickly and after I ran a mile today I was coughing for about 10 minutes. Is this normal for beginners? I'm trying to focus on my breathing, but I always find myself breathing exclusively through my mouth. Any suggestions?

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Nothing wrong with breathing through your mouth. But don't run when you are out of breath. That's your body telling you that you are not getting enough oxygen to your blood and muscles. The breathing will get better in days and weeks. Normally, you will notice it's a little better with each run. Slow down or switch to a fast walk. Do a run/walk routine. Run 1 minute, walk 4, then repeat. Over a period of days and then weeks, stretch your runs out longer, and walk shorter or just jog slowly. Soon you will be running long stetches of time. After that, you can work on you speed. Focus on endurance first.

6 years ago

No worries in breathing through your mouth. This is normal. Try to run indoors, in a warm rather than cold area... treadmill indoors :/

However, if this persists, you may want to check with your doctor, as this can be a sign of excersised-induced asthma. But at the same time, this should not hinder you from excersising!

Happy running!

c0hen 160
6 years ago

I agree with cOhen. You may have exercise-induced asthma. I do. I am not planning on running right away! In fact, I've found very controlled walking, building up to a fast walk, works best to prevent coughing.

When you have to suddenly speed up an activity or you are, say, running late, do you cough then? That may indicate a problem.

I hope not and I hope you can run soon!

Angie Howard 65
6 years ago

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