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how do i lose remaining fat/bulk up?

I have a few questions. Im 25years old 5'11 175. I have about 7-10 pounds of stubborn fat left. I want to lose this so i can start adding lean muscle. One of my questions is with cardio. what type do i need to be doing to lose this weight. I have been having decent results going hard. I run half a mile to warmup then get on elliptical and turn up the resistance and really get after it for about 25-30 min then i sprint another half mile on the treadmill. or do i need to be doing low intensity. My fat s spread out but most is in the love handle area. then my other question is after i do lose this fat what is the best way to bulk up lean? how many G of protein? how many calories? I have been eating 1900-2200 per day and slowly losing weight. I workout 3-4 times a week and work construction os i burn a decent amount at work. I have been eating 120-150g of protein. what do i need to be doing to get where i need to be. Thanks in advance

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I'm right there with ya man! I'm 29, 5'8", 168, with about 5 lbs of fat left to go. My advice to you is to ditch some of the cardio and get into some high intensity resistance training. If you have any questions about this, talk to your h2i or invest a couple bucks back into yourself and get with a trainer for a couple sessions! I did, and it was so worth it...they have valuable knowledge!

On my quest to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30, (that's in 8 weeks and I'm right there!) I started off with lots of cardio as it sounds like you are. That worked awesome at first. I lost lbs, felt great, and was getting results. After a certain point, the fat got very stubborn and hard to get's like my body just CLINGS to that stomach fat! If you really want to lose it, take the next couple months, switch to 80% weight training and 20% cardio, and use your diet to your advantage. If your're hitting the weights hard (not heavy weights, just high intensity) and eating right the fat will melt off!

I'm no certified Personal Trainer, but this is what worked for me, and what works for many of my members! BEST OF LUCK!!

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Kyle Sellers 1k
6 years ago

Does anyone have anything please?

Paden Harper 320
6 years ago

One month ago I decided, given the advice of a trainer, to forget about the stubborn fat and add muscle. I had probably 5lbs of extra fat on the lovehandle area as well. I was 6"0 178lbs with about 17% bodyfat. Since then I have been lifting heavy, tracking my diet and eating at a clean caloric surplus. The eating has been a large shift for me but all my lifts are way up because of it and I have already added muscular size and a some fat. I plan to reverse course and cut down later on. You may want to bite the bullet and do the same....Food for thought....

Keith Lefebvre 5.1k
6 years ago

that kind of leads to my other question. If i can manage to shake this last 5 What kind of ratio of protein carbs fat are you guys eating. Im trying to really pack in the protein. I have been eating 140g protein around 180 carbs and 90g fat. and that is putting me in a coloric deficit. whats hould i be shooting for to add lean muscle if I continue doing my same workout/cardio routine..

Paden Harper 320
6 years ago

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