does the gruve still sync with the activity tracker?

I am considering purchasing a Gruve and wondered if it still syncs (via USB) with the Activity Tracker.

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Hello there!

Sorry for the trouble; we no longer have an integration with Gruve. The good news is that we ARE currently looking at new devices to have a possible integration in the future. There are a bunch of really exciting upgrades coming to the site this year, and we're hoping to find the right partner to add even more quality to Anytime Health!


Debbie Pias 57k
6 years ago

Thanks, Debs - that's good news. I read quite a few reviews of the Gruve and while some are very positive, there are lots that aren't so much. I'll just make do with the HRM. Recording calories burned is pretty easy, but the Activity Tracker doesn't store custom workouts, so I must re-invent the wheel each time. The choices listed don't show anywhere near the calories burned that my HRM does. Just lazy I guess.

purrsnikitty 9.2k
6 years ago

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1/13/2012 at 1:27 PM
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