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anytime health app: what device do you have?

Anytime Health has to create an app, of course! But, the important thing is that they stay with what the people have. For instance I have an iPhone, iPod Touch, and an iPad.

But what smartphone/device do you have that you would like to see an AH app on?

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Other (?)

**UPDATE-- AH will be creating different OS apps, we are just trying to see what you all have Wink !!

456 answers

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Android fanatic here. Would love to see it on ipod too, as I have a ipod touch I use while working out.

ampedup19 3.1k
7 years ago

They definitely need to develop something for the Android!

shawnmears 19k
7 years ago

Android and iPhone apps would both get a lot of use. Like a lot of people, I listen to my iPod but have a Droid and would utilize both versions.

smunier 2.3k
7 years ago

iPhone and iPod please!!!

Chris Charron 2.8k
7 years ago

Android...please. I could use a decent app for this.

Tyler Cartwright 630
7 years ago

Android would be great...Always looking for new stuff for my G1

Jeremy Bowen 580
7 years ago

Android all the way please!

MattLee 3.7k
7 years ago

I love my ANDROID!!!! Happy

Cail Morrison 3.5k
7 years ago

My wife and I both have iPhone devices.


Mark Stevens 2.8k
7 years ago

iPhone user here. ----------------

dalirumi 0
7 years ago

add your answer!

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7/28/2010 at 10:35 PM
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