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hcl drops! what do you think of these? are they safe? are they good?

So I hear so many people talking about and trying these HCL Drops...Hydrochloric Acid drops? And alot of them lose weight...alot of! I just want to hear some thoughts on them. Do you think they are safe? Do you think they are okay for some people? What are your thoughts?

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Hi Kyle,

Are you thinking of HCG drops? Just wondering...HCL is hydrocholic acid and I would say that no, it is not safe.

HCG, on the other hand, is also not proven safe. The drops are taken in conjunction with a very low calorie diet (around 500 calories a day), so of course they "work," because weight loss pretty much boils down to calorie manipulation and if a person is only taking in 500 calories a day, they're going to lose weight. However, it's not safe or sustainable. There's a really good thread on this in the support groups. AF doesn't promote HCG because it's potentially unsafe and it's just not worth the risk.

If it is HCL drops you're thinking of... I'd stay away. HCL is very corrosive. Ouchie!


Debbie Pias 57k
6 years ago

I would definitely stay away from both HCL and HCG drops.

HCL is extremely corrosive and can cause damage to your intestinal track and will probably wear away your esophagus as well!

The other (HCG) is not proven safe or effective. People lose weight on this because it is typically accompanied with a very low calore diet (around 500 calories per day) and so, ofcourse, they lose weight. But it is not a result of the drops. The drops are thought to supply energy and make it so that you aren't hungry while essentially starving yourself. This has the possibility of wrecking your metabolism and and can make it very difficult to keep the weight off. I have worked with a handful of clients hat have participated in a similar program (injections instead of drops). They are all very weak and have usually lost a good deal of lean muscle mass as part of their weight loss. Even though some of them may have lost a signigicant amount of weight, they usuall have a higher than normal body fat percentage as a result of losing lean muscle. I highly discourage the use of this method of weight loss, even as a short term fix. It should also be noted that I require any clients I work with to stop using the injections or drops and consume a normal calorie diet for their individual goals.

6 years ago

Oooh! How timely!

From the Huffington Post...

Debbie Pias 57k
6 years ago

I actually did a research paper on the hcg drops. A huge amount of people in my town were super into this diet. After doing my research I found some super scary facts about this diet. It is actually shown to increase the likelihood of cancer. hcg is actually a female hormone that is produced when a woman is pregnant. It's usually not good to reproduce something like this and then take it as any kind of supplement. I was quite glad to see the report through Huffington Post.

nicole645 280
6 years ago

Thank you everybody for your feedback. No, I am not considering taking the drops. As an h2i, they have been brought to my attention through qualifying, discussions with members, and I know a few people at my local church who have turned to this method. I was just looking for some input from my ATF community. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Kyle Sellers 1k
6 years ago

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MemberBellevue, WI
12/5/2011 at 4:07 PM
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