how do you build muscle mass after age 50?

I've heard that as you age, it's harder to build muscle mass. What are some good approaches to countering that trend? Are there natural supplements that can help prevent or slow it down?

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You build muscle the exact same way anyone else would. As others have mentioned it may just take a LITTLE bit longer due to the slightly lower testosterone levels. You must ensure you are in a positive energy balance, that is consuming MORE energy (calories) each day then your body needs each day to sustain itself (the opposite for weight loss), you must ensure you have sufficient protein in your diet (1.6 grams per kilogram body weight - divide your weight in pounds by 2.2 to convert pounds to kilograms), AND ensure you are lifting weights in the correct manner to stimulate muscle growth (hypertrophy). This means lifting heavy loads (in good form and controlled) for between 8-12reps, 4-5 sets per 'core lift' (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Bent Over Row) and lifting as much weight as you can each set (remember, still in good form). You should progressively increasing your loads each week to stimulate muscle growth and you need to be lifting weight AT LEAST 4 days a week which will mean you must do a split program (i.e. Day1 - Chest, Day 2 Back, Day 3 Legs). It is the heavy loads going through the muscle fibers which stimulates the muscles to grow, and it is ensuring you have ample (extra) dietary energy to put your body into a state of 'growth'. Please appreciate, it does take time to build muscle, regardless if your 18, 25 or 55.


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If you eat a well balanced diet, it will help you get the proper nutrients to help with building muscle.

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You can absolutely build muscle mass after age 50, but unfortunately it will require more effort than an 18-year old (sorry to say). It will require progressive muscle overload over time so hard work, consistency, and patience is key. The good news is that it can be done through proper training and nutrition.

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The reason it may be hard for you to gain muscle in your 50s is because of the decline of your testosterne levels. Testososterone is one of the most anabolic hormones on the planet. This means it helps you build muscle tissue. Your best bet is to perform some compound movmets. Exercises like squats deadlifts, bench press , leg presses, promote the realease of testosterone. Perform these exercises and consume Lots and lots of healthy protiens fats and carbs. I promise you, your testosterone will be raging again. If all else fails you can try Taking Dhea, This is a testosterone pre curser thats been shown to slow down the aging process...... Good luck, Happy Thanks giving!!

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Yes, you can build muscle after the age of 50. I am doing just that at 52. After becoming a member of AF and
working with a trainer one day a week, and working out twice a day five days a week.
But in my case I have a high metabolism and a body type known as a Ectomorph . So gaining weight has always been an issue with me.
When I started I was at 139 lb BMI at 17 and BF at 12% and height at 5' - 9" And now in Nov weight at 146 BMI at 20 and BF at 10%.
And much to my surprise during this time , have gotten several positive comments about my gains. Both from co workers and the staff at the club I now use. But having said that my daily cal intake is around 3500 and also taking several supplements all at the request of a trainer.
Ultimate Muscle Provider, Ultra 40, Muscle Synergy, Mass Amino Acid, Creatine Select, Up Lift, Glutamine, Quadracarn, and Superpak.
But also I have been and still am very active so as always what works for one my not for another. But since starting on a regular workout schedule
It has gotten easier and gains are coming, so like others have said don"t give up and stay with it. I even asked if it was ok to work out twice a day given my position and was told as long as I take in enough calories go with it. I think I have gotten to the point of wanting to workout and like it and feel bad when I don't do it twice a day.

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I'm controlling my caloric intake to lose weight. At one point I was 300 and at 5'9" I was almost morbidly overweight. One day I ended up in the emergency ward at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital. I was dehydrated with a blood pressure of 202 over 187. I was at the point of almost blowing a gasket if you will. I've always been a very physically active person as I've practice Martial Arts for over 40 years but my caloric intake was greater than my burn. I had to do something fast. I created my own personal weight loss program and I am at 229 right now. I've lost 71 pounds.

Here one odd thing that happens to me. I lift weights one day. No visible definition. I have a day of rest doing some other physical activity and on the day after the rest I see muscle definition. Why is that?

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