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success losing baby weight with weight watchers?

I'm curious to know if anyone else out there is having any success with Weight Watchers. I had a baby 2 1/2 months ago, and have been doing WW since 2 weeks postpartum. Nearly 3 weeks ago I joined AF. At 185 lb I was already overweight, but then I gained 60 pounds by the end of my pregnancy. Right before giving birth I was up to 245. Now I am down to 208, which is great, but I have a long way to go. So far all I have been doing is about 45 minutes of cardio (split between the elliptical and treadmill on incline) and 15 minutes of strength a couple of days a week. Any additional advice, comments? Baby weight is so much harder to lose than regular weight, I swear!!

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You're doing a great job! Being a new mother & finding time for yourself can be very difficult! I'm a mother of four and gained from 75 to 103 lbs during each pregnacy due to gestational diabetes. Losing "baby" weight can be very frustrating, have to remind yourself it's not always just pounds lost, but inches! Advice from one mother to another, be patient with yourself....your body went through a lot over 9 months, labor &'s progress not perfection! Keep up the good work!

6 years ago

Congrats on your new baby! I am currently pregnant myself with my 3rd child! Congrats also on joining Anytime Fitness! That is a decision for yourself that you will not regret making. It sounds like you are off to a decent start in the gym. Good for you! Since you are so new to the gym are you able to meet up with a personal trainer (even if it is just a few sessions)? That might be a good idea to get your workout regimen in gear with the strength training and cardio and assure you that you are performing the exercises safely and effectively and making good use of your time since as a mom I understand your time is limited!

As far as your diet- this will be the biggest factor in your weight loss success or failure. You will need to really monitor your dietary intake and be sure you are creating a caloric deficit. I know several people who have done Weight Watchers and have had great success with it. The main reason being is portion control (serving sizes). With Weight Watchers points system you can essentially eat whatever you want, BUT it is going to cost you points if you choose unhealthy foods or if you servings are too large! So with the point system your points will get used up really fast if you are eating cookies, for example. BUT if you absolutely have to have a cookie you can do so and you won't feel deprived this way.

As far as losing the baby weight- of course each person is different, but I have to say that with my 2 previous pregnancies it really did take me the full 9 months to lose every last pound of the baby weight (even though I only gained 30 pounds total with each pregnancy). So my advice to you is to be patient in your weight loss progress and keep doing your share of eating right and exercising more and you will get there!

Good luck!

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
6 years ago

I've found that taking group classes is taking me to the next level from just doing the elliptical and treadmill. The instructors of the group classes push you harder than you would yourself. It's even better when you get a friend to go with you to make you accountable!

dddd89 70
5 years ago

Hi KJ, Congrats on the new baby! All my kids are grown and when I was pregnant with each of them I gained like 60 pounds. I honestly never got down to my goal weight after having children. I remember getting close after my first, then I got pregnant again. I have had weight issues pretty much whole life. In high school I weighed 160 pounds and felt fat. Wow do I wish I weighed 160 pounds now. Sorry I got side tracked, the answer to your quesrion, Yes I have used weight watchers before. I never got on the program, but I ate the frozen meals for dinner 3 to 4 days a week, then ate stir frys on the other days. It worked for me, but at that time I was counting calories. I ate 1500 calories a day, which worked for me, but you definently have to choose the right calories to stay full. I had lost 45 pounds at that time. I wish I could tell you I didn't gain it back, but I did. I hit a plateau and got a little frustrated, then I noticed I got to comfortable and stopped. That was 2 years ago. Now at age 50 I realize It has to be a total commitment. A life style change for sure. Definently take Jennifers advice and consult with a trainer. I hired one and He has showed me so much that I would of never done on my own. Somehow I felt I couldnt do it because of a few limitations I have but realized once you push through it those limitations get better. Good Luck on your journey of losing your weight and just getting healthy!

P.S. Thank you Jennifer for all your wonderful advice, every time I read something you write it helps a lot.


Donna50 499
5 years ago

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