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equipoise? steroids? what do u think honestly?

been wanting to take equipoise/boldanone for about a year now but idk if its worth it after i get off of it or any other steroid. i herd with eq u save about 80% of muscle after ur off of it... here is my deal the products these days suck.. the stuff i used to take u would see good results with but now i dont see nothing... does anyone kno a very good suplement that really works like it says before i go to the alternative?

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Hi Joey,

I gotta side with Brian here and suggest you reconsider going down that road. I have been in the gym culture since the early 90's, and have been fortunate enough to befirend many well known competitive athletes, both natural and un-natural. I have also prepared dozens of athletes for natural competition and swimsuit competitons.

But first, let me say this: developing a bodybuilders-type physique is hard. No quesiton. Whether natual or enhanced, it takes hours in the gym, a deciplined diet and supplement regimine, and more sleep in a day that most poeople don't even get in 2 nights. And without knowing anything about you, your habits, goals, genetics, etc., it's going to be hard to give you specific advice for you, but hear me out if you will...

The short term effects of anabolic steroid use are bad enough. You are a bone-head to your girlfriend, you break out like you are 14 again, and you can become a class A moron to everyone else. And as stated above, the muscluar hypertrophy and cardiovascular effects are short lived. If that isn't bad enough, the long term effects are ugly, and well documented in medical journals. Sterility? HDL levels through the roof? Heart disease, liver damage... the list goes on.

Don't forget steroids are a Schedule III narcotic, and sale, possesion, and use can be prosecuted just like cocaine or heroine. Bad news all around.

There are countless websites, ads in the back of Maxim, etc. that prey on guys claiming miraculous results with "legal" type products. The only thing they are good for is emptying your wallet. So I don't suggest looking there for any good answers.

My best advice to you is to seek out a trainer, and talk about your goals. Looking for a quick fix or a short cut I am afraid will leave you frustrated, broke, or worse. After you make a plan, give it six months. If you STILL feel that you are not getting the results you should be, go to a physician and have your T levels tested. I would suspect they would be normal, but at least you will know, AND you will be in phenominal shape and healthy!

Natural bodybuilding is a very personally rewarding sport, even if you don't every intend to compete. Surround yourself with like minded people in the gym, and you'll thank yourself for it!

Eric Keller 3.9k
7 years ago

Joey, Joey, Joey……
I echo what the group has stated with the exception of one comment. Basically, at the end of the day you need to ask yourself one question as you stare in the mirror; is it really worth it??? I can tell you, from the perspective of a guy who has been in the gym religiously for 16 years, don’t cheat yourself. I would love to get bigger, better & faster, but the only way to accomplish that is with true dedication, hard-work & good ole stick-to-it training. Hypothetically if you did use, what’s the point & you need to consider the long & short term effects. Look at the athletes who have used in the past. Once they’ve completed their cycles, their bodies diminish & your physique will be half the size it is now. C’mon, under no circumstances is it worth it.

Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

Hey Joey,

What are you training for? What are you trying to accomplish?
I certainly wouldn't recommend steroids, but I'm curious what makes you think that this is a reasonable option in the first place?


Brian Zehetner 36k
7 years ago

@Dave, The last time I looked, creatine wasn't on the banned substance list of athletics. And you can think it's cheating all you want. If you say taking creatine is cheating, well I guess taking protein supplements is cheating as well since you have to eat to take that. And some people take way more protein then they should. So have you ever drank a cup of coffee or anything containing caffeine? If so, I guess you aren't training naturally either because caffeine isn't naturally occurring in the body either. And what about aspirin or anything that kills pain when you have over trained in the gym? I guess you don't take those either. See there's always more than one way to look at something. And I like how you say you don't care what creatine studies say, you still think it's garbage. I'll just take the advice of my doctor who I asked before taking that supplement. Hey, I guess I should go take some steroids as well since someone on the internet disregards medical studies and thinks creatine is cheating, haha.

7 years ago

I myself will never use any type of steroids or the like. To me it is like cheating on a test. That test is the test of your life. Wouldn't you feel better if you busted your butt in the gym without the steroids and came out looking the same or better from training naturally? I will only take supplements like protein, creatine or Nitric oxide. With all the bad side effects from steroids, I don't see how getting big is a fair trade off to possibly getting cancer.

7 years ago

first of all, i consider creatine cheating too. steroids essentially overload your body with testosterone resulting in massive muscle growth. creatine is naturally occurring in your body, just like testosterone, and creatine supplements overload your muscles to give them more "energy" and grow faster during your cycle. all of this is garbage that you are putting into your body. i don't care about any of the creatine studies or anything users say, if you use creatine you are not building muscle naturally, because it is not natural to have that much creatine in your muscles. isolated protein is about as natural as you can get because it is natural for humans to consume meat. people will take offense to this fact, but it is the truth any way you slice it.

as far as this original post goes, come on man, don't use steroids. its like cigarettes, we know how bad they are. the PROOF is there, and people continue to smoke. but at the end of they day, it is a personal choice and we can't stop you. so if you are insecure and need that quick muscle gain to make you feel more appealing and masculine, then by all means go for it

Dave90 340
7 years ago

My first question is are you buying them off the internet b/c the produtcs from places like are complete BS. If not and you have the real stuff I don't know of anyone who has taken equipoise recently. I believe it is normally mixed w/ a testosterone or a cutting agent like winstrol. For best results I would recomend it mixed with test. If you have the real stuff you will blow up and should have a decent halflife on the stuff when you quit. Remember you will need to work out just as hard to retain the muscle. I quit taking them in December and I am much smaller now, but I also do not train nearly as hard.

kyle galler -105
7 years ago

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MemberMineral Wells, TX
7/1/2010 at 4:26 PM