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i gained 7 pounds last week! how is that possible???

How could I have gained 7 pounds last week when I worked out 5 times and ate healthy? I just joined the gym on the 10th, so this was my first week of working out. I did 35-50 minutes of cardio each night. Please help. I'm very frustrated!

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Your weight can fluctuate throughout the days, weeks, and months. The main reason from such a big swing (if nothing has really changed with your diet or calorie consumption) is water weight (or water retention). This can be caused by a number of things such as excessive salt intake, medications or drugs and just from how hydrated you are. Other things that come into play, is if you have been to the bathroom recently, if you have had a big meal, and with those things in mind, what time of day you weigh yourself. Try and weigh yourself first thing in the morning each time as this reduces the variables when considering stomach and bladder contents. Diet is the number one thing which can change body weight, but unless you were eating extremely calorie dense food for the entire week (and every waking moment), the weight you gained would not have been weight from extra sub cutaneous fat stores. Keep at it and try not to focus on the scales. Try to only weigh yourself once every 2-4 weeks and at the same time every day and you should see more 'actual' weight changes.


6 years ago

I usually weigh ~201lb at night and ~195lb in the morning. That's called "diurnal fluctuation."

Starting an exercise regiment involves A LOT more than just burning fat. Exercise stimulates hormones like arginine vasopressin (AVP) which causes your body to hold on to as much water as possible (amongst other things).

Weight gain can be a lot more complex than water weight though. Your body will typically respond to exercise by increasing bone mineral density, connective tissue protein volume (ligaments / tendons), stored liver and muscle glycogen, muscle fiber plasma volume, muscle fiber protein volume, capillarity, and even brain matter. That means that you could be burning fat but still gaining weight because you are in a positive energy balance / anabolic state (which would be good in this case).

I would focus a lot more on tracking your cardiovascular efficiency by monitoring your resting, exercising & recovery heart rates. One other note on weight loss is to view it from a relative perspective (not absolute). 7lbs is twice as much for a 100lb individual than a 200lb individual. Think about setting weight goals that are a percentage of your current body weight, rather than "10lbs" or "20lbs".

I hope that helps... stay positive!

Stephen Tamm 310
6 years ago

Make sure you are tracking what you are eating and entering it into the diet tracker and entering your activity in the activity tracker.

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

A bit personal perhaps, but I personally stay far far away from the scale at certain times of the month. That could cause some gain.

sarahk11 32k
6 years ago

I have big weight fluctuations from morning to night and week to week also. Last week we went out of town and stayed at my mother-in-law's house. After 5 days of heat (no air conditioning), no exercise, too little water, and eating all of the wrong foods, including fast food on the car trip home, I came home NINE pounds heavier that night than the morning we left. Three days later my weight was back to normal. Focus on changes in how your clothes fit, measurements, and reduction in bodyfat percent.

Tammy Forrester 9.3k
6 years ago

It is highly unlikely that you really gained 7 pounds of additional mass in one week. That would be an additional 3500 calories a day in addition to the the calories needed for your RMR plus any additional calories burned for daily activities and exercise. Just hang in there and keep making good choices. The scale will yo-yo around (sometimes a lot). Try weighing yourself only once a week at the same time every day, for example, every Wednesday morning when you first get up.

Cindy Dahm 17k
6 years ago

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