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too tired to exercise?

I don't have much energy during the day. Every day i feel too week to exercise but i try to push myself. Do you think that this is because of the extra weight i am carrying?

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Think of time of day first. Do you have more energy first thing in the morning? Getting up, having a small intake of carb and protein and then in the next hour or so, doing your exercise might be a good option. A good portion of people like to get their exercise in first thing before work, and that means getting up a earlier and of course going to sleep earlier.

Over the course of a few weeks, getting used to that early to bed and early to rise, might be a challenge, but you will get used to it. I like this personally because my exercise is done for the day, and you will find that as your body adapts to that, it will energize the rest of the morning for you, as you become a consistent exerciser. Mentally, I think it really helps because you don't have to try and fit it in to the rest of your day's activities. Be patient with this, it will come over time as your body shifts from one that is normally not active at that time of day, to one that is.
Others exercise during the lunch time hours and still others train after work. It usually depends on a lot of factors - work, family, etc.

So, finding that time of day that works best in your schedule, and then training during that time of day, consistently, will really help with the energy issue you speak of. Do be patient though, give it a few weeks, but the body does a great job at adapting to things that are consistent.

Hope that helps and I'm glad you're with us and exercising!! It's good stuff!!! Happy

6 years ago

I also agree with making sure you are getting good sleep at night. Do you feel like you have more energy during certain times of the day? I like to exercise in the morning about an hour after i wake up. I usually drink a cup of green tea to help give me some energy to get going, along with a small healthy breakfast. The hard part is to get started working out but after awhile you will find that it gives you more energy througout the day and it will become easier. Try to Stay Positive and FocusedHappy

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

Yeah Ken, I’m a morning guy too; I love consuming close to 2,500 calories as well as training like my life depended on it all before some folks have hit the snooze button -exhilarating (no one on this site of course).

R&R (rest & recovery) will play a significant role in allowing you to become healthier, but also allowing you the ability to stay healthy on-going. With that being said, there is a significant difference between feeling sluggish when you train, versus feeling sluggish in general regardless of training or not.

Feeling sluggish when you train could be anything, but as others have alluded to, a good starting place would be rest at night, on-going recovery between workouts & a pre-training snack (something to produce energy & sustain energy as you push your body, something with carbohydrates & a slight amount of healthy fat).

The other would be your diet –what you’re consuming (eating & drinking products such as fatty, greasy, processed foods to caffeinated or sugary-drinks) & even potentially what you’re not consuming (foods rich in iron, minerals, calcium, basically a clean & pure diet & or a lack of solid hydration pertaining to water).

Keep in mind that stress levels will play a critical role in the amount of energy you have or lack. Easier said than done, but try & reduce your stress, which incidentally, working out will help.


Tony Nicholson 141k
6 years ago

Also are you getting enough good quality sleep every night? Everybody is different but 8 hours is a good all around figure for sleep. (I need at least 8, 9 is much better for me.)

mpdarby 2.1k
6 years ago

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