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why am i not seeing results?

I have been working out a great deal since March of this year. I do spinning classes for one hour, 2-3 days a week, 1 hour Pilates classes 1-2 times per week, and strength training 2 times a week for about 45 minutes with a personal trainer (more like circuit b/c my heart rate gets up and stays up). My frustration comes because I am not seeing results at all. I have not lost a single pound, in fact I am gaining weight. I was 110 pounds before I started and now I am at 113 pounds. I eat very healthy with some treats in moderation but overall my diet is clean, low fat and lots of healthy natural foods. Please tell me what is going on and what I may be doing wrong. I am 5'0, 113 pounds at the moment, and eat around 1200 calories depending on the day, sometimes slightly more or less. Any advice would be great!

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How much are you wanting to lose? It sounds like you are in your ideal weight range right now. Once you are in your ideal weight range, it is hard for your body to lose weight because it needs those calories to function. You are probably gaining muscle, which is ok. Instead of going by the scale, be sure to take measurements and have your trainer do a skinfold test so that way you can track your results that way. Good Luck!!

Courtney Murzyn 28k
6 years ago

Thanks for getting back to me Courtney! I would like to be about 105 pounds. I know that my current weight is in the ideal weight range but I would like to lose a few pounds and tone up my body. I know I can be leaner and look better but things just won't budge. I am hesitant to eat any less than 1200 cals b/c I know I will be hungry and tired all of the time. Could I be eating too much right now? I will get some measurements and a skinfold test as you said. I don't notice that my clothes fit any better, they aren't tighter, but they pretty much feel the same. Thanks again!

courtenaynbowers 275
6 years ago


I am not a trainer but I did just do a figure competition so I can tell you a few tips.

1) Carb cycle: Have a day that you are eating your normal amount of carbs, and then a day where you only have carbs at breakfast. You can do one day regular carbs, one low, repeat....or one regular day and two low.

2) Workout before your first meal...and again after your last meal. Obviously not everyone's schedule allows this. But even working out before your first meal is beneficial.

3) Do high intensity interval training that also includes weights.

These tips are hard to follow on a normal basis. Usually they are saved for the last 6 weeks of training and then stopped because of difficulty and fatigue. I would also check with your trainer or physician before starting any new dietHappy

Best of luck!

Liz Martin 385
6 years ago

Thanks Liz! I don't eat many carbs in the am so that could be my problem; I will try the carb cycle. I don't have the work schedule to workout in the a.m. before my meal, unfortunately, and I usually workout before my last meal. This is really all I can do given my schedule. I am doing high intensity interval training with weights and with a trainer...I found out yesterday I have lost .4% body fat but that doesn't seem like much. My weight is now 111 from 113 so I think I had some water weight. But I was really hoping to see a more dramatic change. Thanks for your advice, I will try to implement as much of it as I can.

courtenaynbowers 275
6 years ago

It may not sound like alot but it is! Thats awesome! And women can be carrying anywhere from 5-7 lbs of water weight depending on many factors, so don't let 2 lbs get you down..just look at the overall progress and how you look in pictures (which you should definitely be taking). Also, that last meal should include little to no carbs...just protein and veggies.

It sounds like you were already in pretty decent shape given your weight and height...therefore the dramatic changes may not have been that realistic. It will never happen as fast as we'd like it to...just stick with it. The fitness models you see take years to develop a body like that, plus they get paid to maintain it haha. Just be consistant and keep kickn' buttHappy

Liz Martin 385
6 years ago

I have been working out for 4 months and I havent seen anything change. I weigh about (123pounds). I have been working out almost every day and doesnt seem like any thing is working. what should I do to see the baby I want.

casey thompson 132
5 years ago

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