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need an exercise plan for a 63 year old male

I joined a health clum and I am looking for exercise plan.

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It's really hard to answer this question without knowing more about you and your goals and any past/current injuries. I would really look in to your clubs training. Meet with the Personal Training Manager or club manager and see what they can help you with. If you are totally brand new to exercise, one on one personal training sessions may be just what you need to get started. Good for you for taking control of your healthHappy

amndasirek 2.2k
4 years ago

Hi Jack-
Welcome to Anytime Fitness and Anytime Health! Congrats on your new membership and decision to get healthy. My dad is 63 and I so wish he would do what you just did and take control on his health, but HE has to want to do that and not me. Anyway, to get started I recommend that you connect with the fitness staff at your new club to participate in a free fitness equipment orientation session. Ask lots of questions and take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Then I would really take advantage of all of the great tools that this website has to offer. Be sure to plug in your personal health and fitness goals and your measurements, health status, personal health info, etc. Then begin using the "activity tracker" and "diet tracker" tools on this website to track and monitor your exercise output and your energy input (food). Those 2 trackers are the most popular tools on this site. The exercise videos are good too when it comes to learning how to perform the exercises and get new ideas too. I definitely recommend a session or two or more with a certified personal trainer to get you started on a proper exercise regimen.
As far as developing your workouts you will want to incorporate both strength training AND cardiovascular training. For the strength training you will want to perform regular consistent total body strength training 2-3x per week working all of the major muscle groups. For the cardiovascular training you will want to perform between 20-60 minutes several days a week within your target heart rate zone utilizing different pieces/modes of cardio. Don't forget your flexibility training too- stretching AFTER your workouts are compete. Finally, rest and recovery are important too.
Ease into it, ask lots of questions, and have fun!

Jennifer Barbarino 54k
4 years ago

We are fairly close in age. I was 57 when I started out.
Here is what I did...
First I got this book:

"Strength Training Past 50" - Found it on

It might have been written in Greek because it made little sense to me as a non exerciser for most of my life.

Then I got smart, Joined AF and signed up for twice a week sessions with a personal trainer.
After about a year of training, I re-read the book and it now makes sense to me.

I have had outstanding results.

mod518 44k
4 years ago

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