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oatmeal good carbs or bad?

I know oatmeal good for you but what bout all the carbs in it?

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Carbs aren't bad. They are as vital a part of our diets as proteins and healthy fats.

It is the type of carbs one partakes, and the frequency that is important. Avocados and lard are fats, but one is much better for you than the other...

Get the whole grain/ steel cut/ slow cook oats moreso than the "add hot water and we're cooked" kind-- the closer to whole grain, the better. And of course, there is barley, quinoa, and a bunch of other things like oatmeal to break up the monotony.

I'll let our other partners take it from here, but oatmeal can be an excellent addition to your diet-- in moderation, just like everything else.

Vicki Bowland 53k
7 years ago

Thanks guys I like to eat instant oatmeal at work for breakfast as I was entering it in my diet tracker I noticed all the carbs. So now that I know I will keep eatn it.

Redneck 27 4.8k
7 years ago

Quaker makes a Multigrain variety (oats, barley, rice and wheat) that cooks in about 45 seconds in the microwave and has an excellent taste, feel, and definitely fills you up.

Love my quaker multigrain with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana.... hmmm, maybe for lunch...

Vicki Bowland 53k
7 years ago


Oats & oatmeal are considered “power foods” & ranked as a top ten food folks should consume if their goal is to maintain a healthy diet.

I personally consume it 5 days week, 100%, natural, whole grain oats (sometimes organic, sometimes steel cut –doesn’t really matter other than preference & certain food restrictions) with a half a banana, some raspberries & a few blueberries (another power food). I don’t add brown sugar or sweetener (the fruit makes it as sweet as I need it) & I make it with half water & half Silk Almond Milk. On the days when I have had a challenging, early AM workout or I know I have one coming up, I’ll add in some Bear Naked Granola for extra calories –yum.

To your question, yes you need a proper mix of protein, carbs & the “good” fats. I think what you may or may not have referenced in your question was a good carb versus a bad carb; they do exist. It’s the complex carbs versus the simple carbs.

There is some confusion & some misconceptions about simple carbs versus complex carbs; I have had a few debates about the definition, but how I understand it, the complex “good” carbs are the whole grains, multi grains, wheat, natural (without processing, preservatives or refined).

The misconception is that white bread, white rice, white pastas are all considered simple carbs. But I believe in reality, it’s more the table sugars, processed sugars & chemical-laden & enhanced foods that make up that list. We need Brian Z to settle this......

I personally shoot for complex via whole grains, oats, multi grain, etc.

Good luck.

Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

Tony! Thats exactly how i eat my oatmeal, 5 days a week. Right down to the Bear Naked granola (although i usually add that into my yogurt, not big on too much crunch in my oatmeal)Nice to know Im on trackHappy

Shasta Webb 1.6k
7 years ago

Im no expert, but I eat the organic whole grain oatmeal. They have no additives or preservatives. Only about 5 simple whole ingredients. As long as you are getting the REAL good stuff, not enriched to the point it only vagely resembles oatmeal, you are doing good. Oatmeal is not only filling, it sticks with you and keeps you full longer. You can never go wrong with whole grains anyways, its a much needed part of a balanced diet. I believe this is one of those "complex carb" foods, as in that aspect, yes, it is good for youHappy

Shasta Webb 1.6k
7 years ago

Good carb sources: Oatmeal/Yams/Rice/etc...

Bad carb sources: Ho-Ho's/Ding Dong's/Twinkies/Mt. Dew/etc...

DoWork 2.6k
7 years ago

wow lol...good call on that one DoWork!!

Shasta Webb 1.6k
7 years ago

Oatmeal is good for you. Just limit the things you put into it. A lot of the pre-packaged instant stuff contains quite a bit of sugar and sodium etc

cmedlin 287
7 years ago

Viki is right. If you are working out you have to have carbs, they give you energy. I am lucky enough to have a certified nutritionist on staff and I have seen all of the meal plans she puts together. Obviously we always prescribe cardio and weight training for all of our members especially those that want to lose weight.

The total amount of calories per day is going to depend on your individual stats but the breakdown she advises for the calories is as follows.

Recommended 6 hours of exercise per week.
X calories per day
55% protein
45% carbs
5% fats

If you were to calculate your daily intake it will probably look more like this.
25% protein
50% carbs
25% fats
At least that is what I have found with all of my clients. The key is to move the calories consumed from fat to protein.

Here are some general guidelines:

Consume all fats before 2pm.
Consume 90% carbs before 4pm.
Consume protein in the evening to feel full.

Eat five-six times daily.
Drink 64oz water daily.
Take a good daily multivitamin to include fish oil.

sjheard 465
7 years ago

add your answer!

Redneck 27 member since Jan '11


2/22/2011 at 2:27 PM