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gym pet peeves??

At AF the other day and it was fairly busy. A guy is on the bench (and had been for close to 30 minutes). He finishes a set...and pulls out his cell phone! He sat on the bench (the only flat bench at our gym) and continued to talk on it for several minutes! I noticed 4 different people on their cell phones that day in the gym! It is one of my biggest pet peeves! I am sorry...but few of us are THAT important that we can't turn our phones off for an hour and workout!

Any other gym pet peeves?!? :o)

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A gym is not a bar, most people are not there to be stared at, hit on or picked up. When someone looks the other direction take a hint and leave him/her alone. Oh, and when you are constantly flexing something with that come get me grin on your face ..... sorry, you just look, well, dumb.

Teresa Canlas 1k
5 years ago

I have just a couple:

Not wiping down machines, that is just rude and gross

Talking on the phone while 'resting' on the machine. I fully support resting, but when it turns into a 10+ minute conversation... time to give up the machine and return when you're finished talking

Slamming weights, other people want to use them too, let's all try to take care of the equipment, I also understand working to failure, but have a spotter handy

Lound grunting, moaning, groaning, etc. no one cares how much you are lifting, quit wasting energy on 'sounding tough' and use it to improve your sets

These are small things mostly, still love my gym and the trainers/staff =)

toree117 1.7k
5 years ago

This was a nice blog post. (I wouldn't have seen it if one of the owners hadn't posted it on Facebook)

I partciularly liked this:

Even if you're frustrated with feeling like your "home" is getting invaded, you truly don't know the story behind all the new people making the decision to join a gym. For them, the new year marks a fresh start to battle something bigger than just going to the gym or not. Lethargy, shame, injuries, fear, intimidation, food issues, or depression are just SOME of the things these "newbies" are battling. So while you might feel annoyed, these people are trying to conquer something MUCH bigger than a crowded gym space.

For some reason this hit home, perhaps we can all be a little more patient this time of year.


5 years ago

I hate when people watch the food channel and thats all I can watch...I'm running on the treadmill and I'm watching a lady make a cake and desserts something seems wrong here haha.

dirt4life 1.6k
7 years ago

my personal af is a sponsor of an indoor football team.these guys yell and scream leave stuff lying around like its there own house.never wipe off equipment one guy brought in speakers for his ipod so we could all enjoy his lousy choice in music.

trimsaw 1.8k
7 years ago

I hate taking my phone to the guy, but I'm on call 24/7 I basically work from home but that one hour at the guy sometimes requires me to answer the dam phone. I always walk outside of the building when I do answer it. And I only answer it if it is my boss. Otherwise I let it go to voicemail. It is always on vibrate because I know how annoying it is for everyone else.

mggamiz01 1.3k
7 years ago

I thought of this post as I was working out yesterday... Granted it was an "off" time, so the gym wasn't very busy, BUT there were 3 people that apparently knew each other and spend at least 30 minutes yelling conversation between them- from all corners of the gym. Save it for later or at least stand next to each other and use inside voices please! I had headphones on and the normal ATF music was on and it was still discracting...Tongue

kimmer01 6.9k
7 years ago
  1. members that wear pants while they work out.
  2. members who read books and magazines on cardio machines.
  3. members leaving the TV's on after their done.
  4. members trashing the rest room.
  5. abandoned water bottles.
Rod Duling 832
7 years ago

Hello everyone! I think my biggest pet peeve was having a gentlemen sit on an equipment and stare the whole time I was working out. Then when I asked him if I could use the equipment he was sitting on he said no, he was getting ready to use it. Although he had been sitting there for the past 20 minutes.

Jordan Moore 184
7 years ago

I have a pet peeve that pisses me off now!
No one racks there weights at my anytime, or cleans the machines when they are done.
Including one of the owners and the 3 trainers I have seen.
There are signs all over the building saying:
Please rack and clean weights and machines after each use please.
So before and after each use, I have to clean the machines no matter what, usually there is still sweat dripping off of each machine.
And you have to rack weights, all the time.
Normally the racking weights thing would not bother me, but 3 ginormous fellas have switched there workout time to the time I go. THEY NEVER EVER CLEAN OR RACK! So if you want to do bench you have to wait on them to talk on the cell phone, flex in the mirror and fawn over each other for a good 20minutes, and then clean there equipment and rack hundreds of lbs.
Whew I feel better, just had to get that off my chest!
A little courtesy goes a long long freakin way!

bmb2282 9.7k
7 years ago

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