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gym pet peeves??

At AF the other day and it was fairly busy. A guy is on the bench (and had been for close to 30 minutes). He finishes a set...and pulls out his cell phone! He sat on the bench (the only flat bench at our gym) and continued to talk on it for several minutes! I noticed 4 different people on their cell phones that day in the gym! It is one of my biggest pet peeves! I am sorry...but few of us are THAT important that we can't turn our phones off for an hour and workout!

Any other gym pet peeves?!? :o)

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Since Tony suggested I post this here but lost track of this thread...

AF trainers who don't rack their equipment. When their client is using other equipment. Or done with the equipment and off to their cooldown. Or done with their cooldown and in their car on their way back home. Also, AF trainers who happen to be the same ones who don't rack their equipment using multiple benches to store their clipboards and coffee cups.

Sky Pile 9.4k
6 years ago

My AF is always pretty empty. I never see more than three other people there so I don't have too many complaints.
HOWEVER, when the gym is EMPTY and we have 8 elliptical machines, please, please, PLEASE don't jump on the one right next to me! If it were busy I would understand. It's not, so don't.
The guys that leave the weights on the machines drive me NUTS! When you guys put a BIG 45lb weight on the ab machine and I am all alone and have to get it off it just drives me nuts. I have almost NO arm strength at the moment (soon to change) so it is really hard for me to take the weight off and move it all the way back across the gym.
Also, please don't come to the gym drunk. I don't know WHO keeps doing that but every day I see your empty Coors cans in the womens bathroom. Our gym is pretty much always empty, most of the time it will be just you and the person in the office. The drinker at my gym comes after the employees leave at night and drinks a LOT of beer. Think about that for a second. If you get hurt there is NOBODY THERE TO HELP YOU!
I'll be damned if I will let some drunk lady get hurt in the gym then sue them out of business.
Please cut it out.

Scrios 403
6 years ago

Guys who constantly stare at themselves in the mirror. OK, if you're ripped I'm probably going to look at you too, but not the entire time you're there. Some guys hypnotize themselves as though they had seen Medusa. Every rep, every rest, just eyeballing themselves. I'd think by the time you are in that good of shape, you probably already have form down and don't need a mirror. What do these guys do in the grocery store, go through withdrawals?

Guys who don't flush.

Guys who wear shorts so big they look like skirts.

The two women who treadmill and constantly carry on a conversation in a normal voice volume as though no one is trying to concentrate. When they're done, they stand in the walk areas and talk some more. I can't drown them out even with my ear buds on.

The two guys who take the exercise bands and use them apparently for more resistance on the free weights. I can't do pullups without them, but they could simply add weights to the barbell.

Cell phones are not allowed on the exercise floor for use in my gym. My ATF owner will guide you to the front of the facility if he hears you using one and if he isn't there, the rest of us will attack you like a pack of wolves. He does this for the good of the many and will have made that crystal clear when you signed up - and no, you are not an exception. If you need to make a call, excuse yourself to the front area. Emergencies do happen, and if you get a call, stop your routine and start walking to the lobby. If it's really an emergency, you'll be leaving anyway.

Jonny Quest 5.2k
6 years ago

I pay good money to use AF gyms. I attend with purpose, do my cardio - typically 60 minutes followed (or preceeded) by 30 minutes circuit training. I find it both distracting and annoying to see someone pacing infront to 'inform' me to hurry up so they can use the machine. I don't waste time, but my workouts take time! I have weak lungs (45+ years of heavy smoking - quit in '07 but too late..) and cannot crank up a radical pace that some 20 year old can do, so my pace may seem slower than others, but I invite the skeptical to peek at my heart rate and time remaining to see that I am not goldbricking or hogging someone else's machine. While I'm on it, I consider it mine - I paid just as much for it as the next guy or gal. And oh by the way, I wipe the whole machine down with the bacterial solution when I'm done. I think that is the right thing to do. Leave it clean for the next member!

Olds13 6.1k
6 years ago

Im not sure if this has been said (I'm sure it has but what the heck)...if you are going to circuit train or do super sets, please use stations close to each other and dont take up several at once. ESPECIALLY don't use more than one barbell station.

And, please rack weights properly. Dont stack the 45's up high behind a bunch of 10 and 25 lb plates. They go lightest & smallest up top, and work their way down by weight. Digging for plates is always annoying, so stay uniform and organized!

Matt Lathrop 26k
6 years ago

I have thought about this a lot since seeing this question. I have to be honest... when I'm at the gym, it's REALLY hard to peeve me. I really enjoy being at the gym and working out and how it feels. There may have been some cases when I was a little peeved about something, but I honestly can't remember an example. Cell phones aren't allowed on one gym I go to, and at the other I've never seen one used. When someone is hogging the equipment I want to use, it takes me about 10 seconds to change my plans and go elsewhere, readjust my planned workout, and start moving again. I spend the whole time in a "zone" in a sort of meditative state thinking of my next few sets and what I might do later, so what's going on around me would need to be pretty extreme to even get my attention. Well, ok, I do notice the women sometimes... but it doesn't interrupt my workout. ;-)

George Tiller 4.1k
6 years ago

I personally didn't see this, but if I did I think I'd be extremely annoyed. Probably to the point of demanding they leave.

"Saw a couple that would french kiss each other after every set of whatever they were doing. And the guy was hitting the same weight as the girl. Literally every set, so between 10 sets between the two of them there was 20 sets of tongue slobbering. "

Also if someone was dressed like this:

If you were doing anything worthwile, that would be one of the most uncomfortable things to wear.

DeaVea 40k
5 years ago

The cell phone thing kills me.... It's always that over attentive person glaring in the mirror that thinks they need to do 10 sets that is always on the damn phone in between sets. I have done everything but say something, and its about to result in that if the gym doesnt implement something!

bmb2282 9.7k
7 years ago

-People that leave plates on the bars
-People that do what seems like 10 sets of 50 on every machine they can find their way to.

rjmahoney530 137
7 years ago

I hate to say it since I wear headphones, but don't play your music so loud the person NEXT to you can hear it! You never know if they are offended by what you listen too or if they don't like certain music. Have it loud enough so you can hear it, but also hear whats going on around you in case someone needs/wants your attention.

Schmoopie88 85
7 years ago

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