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gym pet peeves??

At AF the other day and it was fairly busy. A guy is on the bench (and had been for close to 30 minutes). He finishes a set...and pulls out his cell phone! He sat on the bench (the only flat bench at our gym) and continued to talk on it for several minutes! I noticed 4 different people on their cell phones that day in the gym! It is one of my biggest pet peeves! I am sorry...but few of us are THAT important that we can't turn our phones off for an hour and workout!

Any other gym pet peeves?!? :o)

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Okay, about the hair and make up thing.... Most women already had make up on during the day im not going to go wash my face to just workout.

becca31620 410
7 years ago

People who bring their children in even though they aren't supposed to, or teenagers running around even though supposedly they aren't allowed in unless they're 18. If I wanted to hang out with kids, I'd go to a daycare.

SunnyB 2.6k
6 years ago

When I go to the gym, its all business. Get in, do what you gotta do, and get out. If theres only 3 people in there with me, I'll rest on the bench. I use my blackberry to time my rests. (theres a timer in the clock app) But Im usually doing super sets across 2 different pieces of equipment. If you need something that Im on, say "hey buddy, can I work in with you?" and Im more than happy to let you come work between my sets. I'll even spot you if you need a spotter. Dont come over and talk to me like Im your pal. I dont mind you being cordial. By all means, be cordial. I like to know Im surrounded by friendly people, but dont start trying to chit chat with me. I rest strict times because I get the best workout when I am structured. Certain reps, usually leaving one or 2 in the tank, certain rest times. Its going to take me an hour to complete my workout for the day. If you start chatting about how your pals with a trainer down the street at the other gym, your time is apparently not as valuable as my time.

cmedlin 287
7 years ago

I can't stand cell phones. They're convenient when needed but there's a time and place to use them. I've only ever had my phone on once at the gym and that was because I was expecting an important phone call. Otherwise, I leave it in the car or turn it off. I'm a manager in retail so sometimes I need to be reached. However, workout time is my time and I don't want it to be interrupted.

brittanymorris2 945
7 years ago

Super-sets are similar to circuit training, consecutive sets with limited rest with the goal of reaching fatigue, it's effective, you would enjoy it.


Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

A couple things that peeve me is when all of the cardio is full, and you're waiting patiently for someone to be done (and not hovering to make people nervous) - but because you're not "hovering" someone else cuts in front of you and swipes the next open machine when you were there first!

The other thing - when super sweaty people don't wipe down their machines! There are other people that are going to use those things - keep it clean!

(Oh and the make-up make-up is on because I go to the gym straight after work!)

7 years ago

What a great list of pet peeves.

Three others come to mind:

1) Orphan water bottles left to stand silent sentry throughout the gym
2) Not turning off lights when you leave a bathroom / tanning room / shower room
3) Not turning off tvs attached to the equipment

As for depends on what perfume and what quantity was used.

Brian Delaney 8.6k
7 years ago
  1. Smokers!!! At least those that smell like they are still smoking right next to you. I have gagged through workouts after a stinky person jumped on the machine next to me. You are at the gym trying to get healthy and were obviously chain smoking before coming in. come on people!

  2. Not cleaning equipment. that is just gross. you've sweated all over it, wiped your snotty nose on your hand that has been all over the machine... come on people!!

  3. Talkers. I am ALL for being friendly, polite etc. But those who insist on having 5-10 minute conversations when you are attempting to just breathe doing some hard cardio. And those who "run into" a friend and are blocking equipment while talking to them as they are trying to work out... I've been stuck listening to some very bad flirting and attempts at "getting to know" someone. Save it for later please!Happy and what a great reason to get a phone number- don't want to inturrupt their workout but would like to talk later...

kimmer01 6.9k
7 years ago

I hate when people watch the food channel and thats all I can watch...I'm running on the treadmill and I'm watching a lady make a cake and desserts something seems wrong here haha.

dirt4life 1.6k
7 years ago

BIGGEST pet peeve, not wiping down the equipment. I saw a guy the other day run on the treadmill for 60 minutes and sweat all over it and then only took a dry paper towel and wipe down a 1/3 it. NASTY!!

I'm guilty of using my phone, but it is my iPod. But I also use it to track my sets, weight and miles and time for cardio.

7 years ago

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2/21/2011 at 2:38 PM
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