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gym pet peeves??

At AF the other day and it was fairly busy. A guy is on the bench (and had been for close to 30 minutes). He finishes a set...and pulls out his cell phone! He sat on the bench (the only flat bench at our gym) and continued to talk on it for several minutes! I noticed 4 different people on their cell phones that day in the gym! It is one of my biggest pet peeves! I am sorry...but few of us are THAT important that we can't turn our phones off for an hour and workout!

Any other gym pet peeves?!? :o)

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Alas! A great thread! As a gym-rat and former 5-club owner I can produce my top list of gym no-no's. Read, pass along, and if you are an occasional offender - I grant you this one pardon, but only if you promise to make our clubs a better place by stopping immediately.

  1. Not wiping your equipment down after you use it. It's always cold and flu season!
  2. Walking through the club and getting on the equipment with your wet, muddy, fresh-from-the-construction-site boots/shoes.
  3. Cell phones; unless it doubles as your MP3 player; leave it behind, or stay in the member lounge.
  4. Leaving your weights on the bars. Hey, if you were strong enough to put them on, you're stong enough to take them off!
  5. Grunting and screaming like you are going for a world record. Tone it down, you freighten people!
  6. Not wearing fresh gym attire. The absence of visible dirt doesn't make it not "dirty"
  7. Dropping weights. Yes, gravity works - and one day it will prove itself on your (or someone's) foot!
  8. Passing gas. You know who you are.
  9. Using the (insert equipment name here) as an easy chair to watch Sports Center. Keep it moving buddy!
  10. Not cleaning up after yourself after using the bathroom/shower. Again, you know who you are.

Did I miss any?!

Eric Keller 3.9k
7 years ago

I hate when people try to have a conversation with me while im working out. Hi, how are you's are fine, but thats it. Im not there to make friends, or hear about whats going on in your life, and Im not answering questions about mine. Just be quiet, let me focus on my workout. If you want to chat and Im done, cool. But when Im working out, we are playing the silent game!

RWashburn 9k
7 years ago

I think I forgot one...SMOKERS. Whether they just put out their smoke, and came into the gym and hopped on the machine RIGHT NEXT to you (with the smoke smell so fresh, and so strong that it makes you gag as you chug along on your elliptical/treadmill...) OR when they take a break from their cardio to go out for a quick smoke only to come back and make you suffer through the aformentioned torture. This is DISGUSTING. Happened to me last night at the gym and was enough to make me want to stop what I was doing just to avoid the guy.

If you're at the gym trying to get your work-out on to better your health - why don't you take the next step and cut out the smokes too? It saves you and everyone else around you. Gross!

7 years ago

To be quite honest, I am in my own little world when I'm at the gym, so I don't notice when people are doing annoying things.

The thing that really annoys me at the gym, though? When people steal your mp3 player (which is partially my fault, I mean, I set it somewhere and I live in a college town).

If anyone wants to come forth and return my music maker 5000, I won't ask questions. He misses his home. Plus, I licked it. You have my germs now.

Debbie Pias 57k
7 years ago

PERFUME. Please, please, please don't wear perfume to the gym. Some of us are highly sensitive to the smell,and, unreasonable as it may seem, we like to breathe while we work out. Really!

Although equipment "hoarders" can be an inconvenience, I have never been shy to asking nicely if they would move, or could I work in.

Vicki Bowland 53k
7 years ago

I have to say super-setters who don’t really understand the meaning of super-setting & tie up equipment for long periods of time by resting to long, talking on their cell phones (or they allow their cell phones to rest on a bench & they get offended when you ask to use the bench) or being super-social-setters.

Those same super-setters who leave their previous station(s) without breaking it down & wiping it down for the next.

Again, with the super-setters who always super-set, are super-setting that day, but give you a horrendous look or attitude when you start a set & actually move through it, break it down & clean up after yourself in 5 minutes…..hmmm…

By the way, I love super-setting.


Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

Concerning the sitting too long on the bench (or any other piece of equipment for that matter), I know it may be hard at first, but 99 times out of 100, if you will just politely ask them if you "could work in", share that piece with them, they will be cool with that. I think most people are in their own worlds (being able to kinda zone out is something I think people like about training sometimes)and don't realize that is what they are doing. To be able to "work in" is common gym courtesy, something I grew up with. Nobody should ever not be cool with that, in fact, they should assist you with a spot if you need one.
Also, I always make a point to tell new people, when they are in the free weight area (where the more muscley folks tend to hang out) that those folks are REALLY focused, and they don't notice much of what is going around. At our place, they're all nice peeps and usually smile and say, "Absolutely, work on in with me" or maybe, "I've just got one more set if you don't mind waiting a sec". Seriously, it's all cool, just smile and ask - we're all in this together!!

7 years ago

Had two separate incidents today that irked the heck out of me.

1- I was warming up on the circuit when this woman came in with the most horrific floral smelling perfume on. It was so strong that it lingered behind her long after she had come and gone to another part of the gym and, for a migraine sufferer such as myself, that is NOT cool. She ended up coming back to the area I was working out...with the gym's trainer. They were working a similar routine as I was meaning I was stuck in the scent of that horrible smell! To top it off, the trainer was having her do normal reps, not just showing her the machines, but they weren't wiping them down when she was done. Ugh- the mixture of sweat was just making the perfume stronger and now the sweat/perfume stank was all over the machines because they weren't wiping them down. I made it a point to wipe it down before and after I started but they obviously didn't get the point that there is a certain courtesy of doing it themselves. Double whammy.

2- As I said above, the person above and the trainer were doing a similar routine such as myself. IN THE MIDDLE of working the triceps (I wasn't sitting there...I was pumping) the trainer asked me if I could stop and step aside so she could show her client how to use the machine real quick. Maybe it was *itchy of me, but I didn't move. I found that to be incredibly rude and demeaning. I pay good money to attend the gym and, because I am not using a trainer, that does not make me or my workout any less important. I've lost 40+ pounds and am slowly entering the best physical phase of my life...I don't attend the gym to play games. It just frustrated the beans out of me!!

Brooke Secoy 7.3k
6 years ago

Ok people, dont throw potatoes at me, cuz Im really not into starches.

I take my phone everywhere, on the treadmill, and from machine to machine, and occasionally IIm guilty for talking on it. But I have three kids, who I usually leave home alone when I go to the gym. Ive talked to then about only calling me in an emergency. But, I cant find my homework, this one is being mean to that one, the dog puked on the floor. These ARE emergencies to them. If Im talking on the phone and someone gives me a look, I'll continue talking even after the other party has hung up. No, I don't really do that, lol!! But sometimes I want to. Im that guy that if you drive behind me and get up on my bumper, I'll slow down and giggle.

But I have no remorse for talking to my kids. Im a mommy fist.

RWashburn 9k
7 years ago

Ah yes!! Perfume is a good one! I never understood why people (women in particular) do their hair and put make-up on to go to the gym! LOL

TyCoDi 2.1k
7 years ago

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