how much does it cost to join anytime fitness?

i want to know if you can join without credit card and bank account my husband and i do not use them but are or have been looking for a place to join i came across your site.

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Each club is unique in how they typically handle their day-to-day operations as a good portion of them (Anytime Fitness’) are independently owned & operated.

Where do you live? Have you identified an AF club (the one you would most likely use at least 51% of the time, as that will be you “home” club in AF’s network of 1,400 + clubs) that you would potentially join? If not, here’s a link that can help you with that:

For my own personal clubs, we set up our clients 1 of 3 ways; route their payment each month from a checking or bank account, PIF (paid in full) or customized case (this will vary).

Reach out to the owner of the club you will be joining & explain your situation & I’m sure they will be ready & willing to work with you in some way.

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Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

the club im associated with usually has a buy 6 months get 6 months free deals around april or may so i pay in full for the whole year and as my membership is getting ready to expire the buy 6 get 6 deal is back thats a great advantage i found and heck i only paid 280ish for a whole years membership which is a steal no matter how you calculate it lol

Jerry Welder 11k
7 years ago

Your best bet is to call your local Anytime Fitness.

Brent Bynum 1.4k
7 years ago

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