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why doesn't every result show up when looking for foods in the diet tracker?

When I'm entering food I've eaten for the day in the Diet Tracker and I do a search, it seems like it doesn't bring up the whole list under popular brands & restaurants. For example if I enter "pizza" it brings up the list under "General" then lists "Albertson's" through "Boston Pizza". All the searches seem to be this way - I've never seen a listing that starts with a letter past "D" on any search I've done. Is it just a limited search and do I have to use a specific name like "Pizza Hut" to bring it up?

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Hey Kelli,

Good question...

The Calorie King database is the largest database out there, so it simply isn't possible to list every result if you happen to use a vague seach term like cheese, as an example. You can imagine how many results would show up if we listed every would be like searching another mini-database.

As you mentioned, here's what you'll find if you search for the following foods.

A search for cheese only gets you to the A's...

A search for low fat cheese gets you to the W's (the last result)...

A search for swiss cheese also gets you to the W's (the last result)...

The best thing about the diet tracker is the fact that it is so comprehensive, but in order to find what you're looking for quickly, you should definitely BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR SEARCH TERMS (we do mention it in the tutorial video). We know that many of you weren't necessarily aware of this, so we do appreciate you bringing it up!! Happy



Brian Zehetner 36k
7 years ago

I get aggrevated about this too...There's no next page for Next Choices..or A-Z lettering so you can jump to that certain..Its very frustrating.

Cheryl0317 1.2k
7 years ago

i've had trouble with this too. it is the most frustrating thing about the website, not being able to scroll down

Everest08 1.5k
7 years ago

Hey Cheryl,

If you use specific search terms, you will see all of the options displayed, so there's no need for another page of results.


Brian Zehetner 36k
7 years ago

I use it usually has alot of different foods on there, plus it is free.

NikkiM86 151
7 years ago
Click on food
scroll down
new recipe
put your entire meal in box
as tsp to cups
It's all figured for you!
I found out one of my recipes had over 6,000 calories. There was only 24 servings.

Judy Jones 40
5 years ago

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Kelli Turner member since Apr '10


MemberJefferson City, MO
5/19/2010 at 8:24 PM