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help with a pulled muscle in side ?

I pulled a muscle in my side working out this past Saturday. I was sore that day, but thought it was from working out and then Sunday it was sort of sore, but not really and now come today (Monday) It is really bad, I can hardly move at times and it is really painful. It is only on one side , my left side and tried a heating pad on it so far.
Been looking up a ways to help with this pulled muscle. Not sure what else would be a good treatment and the biggest thing , when can I go back to the gym? missing today going to the gym and hopefully will not be out too long.
any suggestions or anyone have a pulled muscle and can help?

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Gregory, awww that stinks. The third day is usually when I feel sore, the second day I feel it a bit, the 3rd day I get nailed with the pain.

I just had a similar issue that lasted Fri through last night. I usually ice in case of inflammation (instead of heat if new injury or pull) and ask someone to message it and feel if its a knot and try to work it out, and do stretches because its tight. I would suggest if it doesn't feel better by today/tonight to give your doc a call, its best to be sure you just strained the muscle than actually teared it.

I wouldn't suggest going back until you don't feel pain moving normally (sleeping, driving, showering), wait a day or 2 afterward and then go back to gym. We must leave time to heal ourselves. To keep moving you could always try some biking unless that hurts it too.

Andrea Holden 9.3k
7 years ago

Yeah I agree with Andrea, safely ice the area.

There are acute injuries, which typically show signs after an incident 24-48 hours with swelling, soreness, bruising, and tenderness, etc –they should be iced.

Then there are chronic injuries; injuries that develop over time & with severe pain back to dull pain –heat should be applied unless there is swelling.

OTC anti-inflammatory meds can be used in moderation to help reduce swelling.

From years of training & playing competitive ball, I have lived in ice baths, with ice packs & spot icing.

Make sure you’re ready to go before you train again & if you feel worried about it, talk to your doc, good luck.


Tony Nicholson 141k
7 years ago

i did the same thing recently doing bent over rows-- caused swelling in the spaces between my ribs that led to pretty sharp pain-- and pain that radiated to the stomach too.

Rest. Ice. repeat as necessary. I also discovered doing bent over dumbell rows, or switching to suspension training did not cause a recurrence of the pain once it healed.

Best of luck, rib pain is some of the worst.

Vicki Bowland 53k
7 years ago

i did the same thing shooting backetball the trainer said just keep ice on it and heat after ice happend yesterday and im gettin worse and worse

Layden Coffey 10
6 years ago

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Gregory Twardzik member since Jan '11


MemberIron Mountain, MI
1/24/2011 at 4:27 PM