Minerals have a myriad of functions in your body.

Minerals, much like vitamins, are needed in relatively small amounts, but this certainly doesn’t discount their importance to the body. Minerals actually come from the soil, but you get them from eating plants, animals, and from drinking water. They are excreted readily, which means you need a constant source of minerals daily.

Do you know your minerals?

Macro Minerals Micro Minerals
Calcium Iron
Phosphorus Copper
Magnesium Zinc
Potassium Chromium
Sodium Selenium

Macro? Micro?

Minerals are classified according to how much the body requires. Macro-minerals are those needed in quantities greater than or equal to 100 mg per day. Micro-minerals, or trace minerals, are required in amounts less than 100mg.

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Mighty minerals at work for you.

Minerals have quite an array of functions within the body, including serving as building blocks for tissues (bones and muscles), regulating metabolic functions as part of various enzymes, and helping your body to maintain acid-base and water balance. In addition to being crucial for overall health and wellness, and some minerals even positively affect exercise performance.