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Gruve FAQ

Does Anytime Health integrate with the Gruve?

Yes! You can track all of your activities, and see all of your charts and graphs, right on Anytime Health!

How do I link my new Gruve with the Anytime Health website?

First, go to the [link:14318:Gruve:link] section of the site and log in to your Anytime Health account. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the serial number from the back of your Gruve device.

My Gruve is already registered with How can I transfer my information to Anytime Health?

Go to the [link:14318:Gruve:link] section of the site and log in to your Anytime Health account. Then you will be prompted to enter your Gruve UserID and password to transfer your information.

When I sync the Gruve to Anytime Health, will it update my information automatically?

Yes—after you sync your Gruve, it will automatically update your calories burned, activity levels, and cumulative graph on Anytime Health.

What’s differences will I notice on Anytime Health now that I am syncing my Gruve here?

The main enhancements you will notice appear on the Activity Tracker and the Goals page on your Anytime Health profile. The Activity Tracker will use the Gruve’s green goal after your assessment period is over (until then it will function as it has been). The Activity Tracker’s Gruve tab will allow you to drill down into your daily calories. You can even see calories down to the minute for the last two weeks! Also, the goal page has a few extra options including the ability to switch between the Gruve and Anytime Health activity modes.

Can I switch back to using the Anytime Health tracking capabilities?

Yes—you can use either the Gruve mode or the Anytime Health mode to track your activities. You can toggle between the two on your Goals page.

Are there any activities that I need track manually on the Activity Tracker?

Yes! The Gruve accurately tracks 3-dimensional body movements, but it does have some limitations. The following activities should be tracked using the Anytime Health Activity Tracker.

  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Swimming/Water Activities
  • Strength Training

Also, if you go biking or cycling outside the club, put the Gruve in your pocket or strap it to your thigh using a Gruve flex belt, which are available for purchase at [link:14315:Gruve Online:link]

If my Gruve gets lost or stolen, how do I replace it?

Simply contact [] to determine if the device was under warranty, or to inform customer service of your Gruve insurance policy. Depending on the situation, you may be able to get a new device free of charge, or at a reduced rate. Otherwise, you can purchase another device from the Anytime Health store.

What does the warranty cover?

Gruve offers a 180 day limited warranty, that Gruve will, at their option, repair or replace any product found defective in manufacture within the warranty period, provided that notification is given with the warranty period and the product is returned to an authorized facility. The warranty period is determined by initial online registration.

To obtain Warranty Service and Troubleshooting information, visit the [link:14317:Gruve:link] website.

If I get a replacement Gruve, is there a way to link my previous account to my new device?

Yes! Log into your Anytime Health account, and then proceed to the Fitness section. Click on the Activity Tracker, and then click the Gruve tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the serial number of your new Gruve in the provided field. All of your previous data will still remain.

How do I charge my Gruve?

To charge the Gruve, simply plug it into a computer using a micro-USB cable. The Halo light bar will blink green while charging and will become solid green when fully charged. You can use any standard micro-USB cable to charge your Gruve.

Is the Gruve waterproof?

Your Gruve is NOT waterproof and water damage is not covered under warranty. If your Gruve has been exposed to water and no longer functions, you will need to contact to determine your replacement options.

How do I sync my Gruve?

Make sure that you've downloaded the synchronization application to your computer, which is available on Anytime Health. After you've downloaded the sync app, plug your Gruve into your computer. The application will run automatically and collect your data. Once this is completed, you will be logged into Anytime Health.

How can I tell if my Gruve battery is low?

If you click the Halo and it flashes red three times before displaying your current color zone, then your battery is low and needs to be recharged.

What do the different colors on the Gruve mean?

The colors change according to the percentage of your calorie burn goal you've reached. You will progress through the following colors daily:

  • Red: 0-24% of your Green Goal
  • Orange: 25-49% of your Green Goal
  • Yellow: 50-74% of your Green Goal
  • Blue: 75-99% of your Green Goal
  • Green: 100% of your Green Goal—you made it!

Why does my Gruve vibrate?

The vibration notifies you that you have been seated for a long period of time and are approaching your Energy Conservation Point (ECP). The ECP marks the point at which your body goes into a reduced calorie burn rate following a period of prolonged sedentary behavior. This number varies from person to person based on the individual’s biometrics. The Gruve will vibrate 10 minutes prior to reaching your ECP and again when you have reached that point. You want to avoid reaching your ECP, so get up and Gruve!

Where should I put my Gruve when cycling?

Ideally, the Gruve should be strapped your thigh or put in a deep pocket. A Gruve flex belt is available for purchase at [link:14315:Gruve Online:link].

Basic Information

Your Gruve charts have been specially designed to facilitate your progress and help you Get to Green™ more often. By monitoring these charts, you can see which parts of your days or weeks naturally allow for more NEAT-boosting activity... and which parts of your day need a little boost from you.

Calorie Burn Charts

Our calorie burn charts provide an accurate picture of how many calories you have burned over the course of a selected time period. You can view your calorie burn rates from an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly perspective.

Chart Purpose:

  • Provides a snapshot of where you are in relation to your Green Goal
  • Gives you an idea of your calorie burn rate patterns over time
  • Shows you how many times you reached your Green Goal over a selected time period
  • Offers motivation to add more NEAT activity to your life

Get to Green Color Zones
To show you how many calories you are burning and how close you are to reaching your goal, the calorie burn charts depict 5 Color Zones that can help you track your progress.

Activity Charts
The Activity charts allow you to see the rise and fall of your Activity Zones over the course of the selected time period. These charts use bar graphs that show you how much time you spend in each Activity Zone. You can view hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charts.

Chart Purpose:

  • Gives you a snapshot of your level of activity (or inactivity) over the course of a selected time period
  • Provides a true picture of the extent of your time spent in the Sedentary Zone
  • Motivates you to reduce time spent in the Sedentary Zone and get into the Gruve

Activity Zones
Activity charts depict 4 color-coded Activity Zones that can help you truly understand how much time you are spending at each activity level.

  • Sedentary Zone (RED): sleeping, resting, sitting
  • Light Zone (YELLOW): getting up, taking a slow stroll
  • Moderate Zone (BLUE): walking at your regular pace
  • Intense Zone (GREEN): walking briskly