Abdominal Crunch Bench
Abdominal Crunch Machine
Hip Abduction Machine
Isolateral Bench Press
Isolateral Front Lat Pulldowns
Leg Extension Machine
Pec Deck Rear Shoulder Machine
Seated Calf Raise Machine
Seated Leg Curl Machine
Seated Leg Extension Machine
Seated Leg Press Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Triceps Press Machine
Triceps Press Machine


Cable External Shoulder Rotations
Cable Internal Shoulder Rotations
Cable Lateral Raises
Cable Leg Extensions
Cable Rear Shoulder Fly
Cable Reverse Axe Chop
Cable Single-Arm Rows
Cable Triceps Pushdowns
Cable Triceps Pushdowns
High Pulley Biceps Curls
Low Pulley Front Shoulder Raises
Low Pulley Lateral Raises
Low Pulley Lying Rear Shoulder Raises
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Seated Cable Chest Press
Seated Cable Shoulder Press
Seated Rope Triceps Extensions
Single-Arm Reverse Pushdowns
Straight-Arm Lat Pulldowns

free weights

Alternating Dumbbell Curls
Bent-Over Barbell Rows
Dumbbell Calf Raises
Dumbbell Chest Press
Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raises
Dumbbell Incline Press
Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raises
Dumbbell Rear Shoulder Raises
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Plated Front Shoulder Raises
Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
Smith Machine Lunges
Smith Machine Shoulder Press
Straight-leg Deadlift


Modified Rear Shoulder Raises
Modified Shoulder Raises
Stability Ball Back Extensions
Stability Ball Bicep Curls
Stability Ball Chest Fly
Stability Ball Crunch Pass
Stability Ball Crunches
Stability Ball Dumbbell Pullovers
Stability Ball Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
Stability Ball Leg Extensions
Stability Ball Push-Ups
Stability Ball Rear Shoulder Raises
Stability Ball Reverse Crunches
Stability Ball Shoulder Press
Stability Ball Side Bends
Stability Ball Wall Lunges
Stability Ball Wall Squats


Back and Shoulder Stretch
Back/Oblique Stretch
Butterfly Stretch
Buttocks Stretch
Calf Stretch
Cat Stretch
Chest Stretch
Chest Stretch
Forearm Stretch
Glute Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Hip Stretch
Hip/Buttocks Stretch
Inner Thigh Stretch
Overhead Stretch
Quadriceps Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Triceps Stretch
Trunk and Back Stretch
Trunk Oblique Stretch
Trunk Stretch (side-to-side)
Upper Leg/ Buttocks Stretch


Elliptical (Light)
Elliptical (Moderate)
Elliptical (Very Vigorous)
Elliptical (Vigorous)
Recumbent Bike
Recumbent Bike (Light)
Recumbent Bike (Moderate)
Recumbent Bike (Very Light)
Recumbent Bike (Very Vigorous)
Recumbent Bike (Vigorous)
Treadmill (10 mph)
Treadmill (2 mph)
Treadmill (3 mph)
Treadmill (4 mph)
Treadmill (5 mph)
Treadmill (6 mph)
Treadmill (7 mph)
Treadmill (8 mph)
Treadmill (9 mph)
Upright Bike
Upright Bike (Light)
Upright Bike (Moderate)
Upright Bike (Very Light)
Upright Bike (Very Vigorous)
Upright Bike (Vigorous)

medicine ball

Medicine Ball Crunches
Medicine Ball Lunge Crossovers
Medicine Ball Oblique Twists
Medicine Ball Push-ups
Medicine Ball Sit-ups
Medicine Ball Triceps Extensions
Pick Pockets with Medicine Ball


Front Shoulder Raises
Lateral Shoulder Raises
One-arm Rear Shoulder Fly
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Resistance Band Chest Press
Resistance Band External Rotations
Resistance Band Internal Rotations
Resistance Band Rear Shoulder Raises
Resistance Band Rows
Resistance Band Straight-arm Pulldowns
Reverse Triceps Pulldowns
Straight-arm Lat Pulldowns
Upright Lateral Rows